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The Essentials for Having a High Vibe Wedding

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Guest Post by Kacey Bradley

If you try to live your life harmoniously, soaking up all the joy and love that comes your way, then your wedding should reflect that. After all, your big day is all about the love you share with your significant other. In order to achieve ultimate marital bliss, sidestep wedding traditions and blaze your own trail. Incorporate these essential high-vibe touches into your wedding day.

Health-Conscious Cocktail Hour

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Whereas cocktail hour typically signals the beginning of an evening of overindulging, your cocktail hour should be all about striking a balance between Mother Earth and the day’s celebrations. To that end, offer a few vegetarian appetizers that are as healthy as they are chic and adorable.

For instance, ask your caterers to craft cups with hummus, ranch dressing or your other favorite dip in a layer at the bottom and an array of colorful cut veggies perched upright, planted in the dip. Perhaps they can even offer a salad station at which your guests can design their own mason jar full of healthy, plant-based fare to pair with a glass of wine.

Naturally Sweet Wedding Cake

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Traditional vanilla and buttercream cakes aren’t your only option. With the help of a health-conscious bakery, you can create a wedding cake that will nourish the bodies of those and your guests instead of inundating your bloodstream with a jolt of refined sugar.

Consider a raw or vegan cake — experts can design stunning creations that taste just as delicious as a standard cake but using only healthy ingredients and natural sugar. You can even depart from the cake entirely and try something like chocolate-covered bananas covered with different toppings, from sprinkles and crushed nuts to a drizzle of white chocolate.

Sustainable Terrarium Centerpieces

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If you consider traditional floral arrangements wasteful, there’s an eco-friendly centerpiece alternative that’s just as beautiful: terrariums. Since terrariums allow plants to keep their roots firmly in the soil, you won’t be dooming them to death after the nuptials. Better yet, you can let your guests take the terrariums home as a sort of bonus party favor. Place a sticker on the bottom of a plate or a glass at each table to decide which guest has the honor of taking home the terrarium at the end of the night.

Terrariums are relatively budget-friendly, too. It’s easy enough to DIY a cute terrarium with nothing more than a glass container, a layer of nutrient-rich soil and a few of your favorite plants. You can get as creative as you want, adding themed touches like small figurines of a bride and groom or stones spray-painted with your wedding colors. Round up your wedding party and make a day out of crafting — the extra togetherness will only add to the high vibes of the wedding day and the weeks leading up to it.

Raw and Vintage Crystals

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Crystals exude positive energy, and you have endless ways to include them in your big day. If you want to add a bit of sparkle to your reception tables or an altar, light a tapered candle and stick in inside of a mini crystal urn vase. Looking to amp up your gift table? Embellish it with stunning crystal votive holder candelabras filled with small, flickering candles. You can even incorporate crystals into your wardrobe. Consider wearing your birthstone in the form of a necklace or earrings to top off your elegant look.

DIY Party Favors

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While most weddings culminate in a cheesy favor that promptly gets tossed the next day, yours doesn’t have to. Craft pampering favors that will help your guests unwind after their evening of revelry. If you’re a believer in the calming properties of essential oils, here’s an easy and affordable suggestion: DIY your own all-natural bath salts.

Start with a cup of Epsom salt, some sea salt and baking soda. Then add up to 10 drops of your favorite organic essential oil, like lavender to calm or citrus to lift the spirits. Scoop the bath salts into mini mason jars and dole them out to guests at the end of the evening. They’ll be happy to have them at the hotel the next morning — they can start their day-after-the-party recovery with a soothing soak in the bathtub.

With so many wellness-minded, eco-friendly alternatives to standard wedding traditions, it’s easy to design the high vibe wedding of your dreams. If you’re willing to get creative and think outside the bridal box, your special day will not only be full of joy and harmony, it’ll also feel totally unique to both you and your wedding guests. Start with these high-vibe touches and let the guiding forces of creativity and joy steer you toward other unexpected elements of your day. You likely won’t regret taking the artistic risk.

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