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Birds of a Feather Flock to this Tropical Boho Industrial Wedding

Red Rocks Trading Post wedding ceremony

When searching for the new and never seen, sometimes brides and grooms will go to the absolute extremes to have their weddings stand out from the crowd. Sarah and Gavin's big day may not have been the most extreme wedding we have seen, but it was extremely beautiful. They also had a few alternative guests at their wedding reception that we can honestly say surprised and delighted us!

Let's just say birds of a feather flock to this tropical boho industrial wedding in Denver Colorado. No we are not being metaphorical, Sarah and Gavin had literal birds at their wedding reception to greet all their guests! Keep scrolling to find out more and be sure to check out the full gallery to see every last photo of their big bird day thanks to Nick Fay

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here comes the bride

From A Vintage Affair Events: This was definitely one of my favorite weddings this year, not only because Sarah & Gavin were so kind and fun, but because they wanted something completely unique from everything else. It started with color palette and discussing the vibe and aesthetic they were looking for. We came up with a vibrant and colorful palette including pinks, blues, greens, and a soft orange and yellow. They wanted their wedding to be bohemian, creative, colorful and eclectic.

So far, we were on the right track. Then, Sarah surprised us with something we had never heard before, she was going to have macaws at the wedding! A true animal lover who has a macaw of her own at home, she wanted to show off these beauties as well as bring awareness to the welfare foundation from which she adopted her macaw. While we had never experienced something like this, the florist, Nora and I were quite excited. We all decided then to add in a subtle tropical feeling thru the florals to complement the birds.

modern watercolor wedding perogram

beautiful wedding bridal style bride and her boho chic bridesmaids boho chic bridesmaid style and bouquet

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After the ceremony the party moved to Blanc, an industrial venue in the heart of Denver. When guests first walked in around the corner into the courtyard, they were greeted by five stunning macaws and their handlers. Guests were able to hold them and get their pictures taken with them. The seating chart itself was a full display with a macrame backdrop and large cement containers that held giant banana leaves calligraphed by the talented Allison with Pink Ink Paper.

During dinner guests sat at rows of wood tables for an intimate and organic feeling. Above the head table, three modern copper chandeliers wrapped in greenery gave off a warm, welcoming glow. The tables were adorned with different runners. Half of the runners were different laces sewn together and the other half were dip-dyed at the ends to bring in more yellow and orange to the day. Florals from Flora by Nora spanned the length of the table, with groupings of arrangements in natural terra cotta containers, mixed with florals enclosed in terrariums and potted orchids incorporated throughout.

palm leaves seating assignment display

cute wedding tent blue wedding parrot

boho modern industrial chic wedding reception

spring time boho industrial wedding decor floral centerpiece in a terrarium laughter and love organic and shabby chic wedding style

wedding reception at Blanc

Using the bride’s vibrant color palette, Nora chose a mix of seasonal wildflowers such as zinnias and dahlias, with hints of orchids, anthurium and tropical foliage to blend the bohemian and tropical aesthetic the couple was working with. Along with the florals, colorful water goblets of blues, pinks and oranges and sage green salad plates added to the eclectic and creative look of the day. The guests could find their seat by locating their calligraphed leaf at their place setting.

Edison lighting hung above the dessert table creating a focal point for the vintage buffet. Cake plates held doughnuts from the local Voodoo Doughnuts shop, including one extra large doughnut with a macaw designed on it. An Edison chandelier also hung above the bar in the corner. Lastly, but certainly not least Nora installed a beautiful greenery backdrop on one of the white walls. The couple and their guests had a fun and memorable night at a wedding they won’t soon forget.

Blanc a wedding venue wedding dessert table

parrot frosted wedding donut

wedding ice cream instead of a cake cutting first dance

Take My Advice... And Budget

Timing is everything! We had a two hour gap between our ceremony and reception. They were at different locations but I was still worried it would be too much time to kill for guests. On our website we suggested a few things to do or breweries to go to but that didn't end up being necessary; the timing worked our perfectly.
T ry, try again! It took me three times with different vendors to finally get my hair and make up right, and we did three different tastings with caterers. I'm really happy I did not settle on the first two that I was not satisfied with.
Save on Sunday! We got married on a Sunday which made venues and vendors a bit more reasonably priced.
Pick your priorities! Good food was big for us, a beautiful cake was not. Whole Foods has great tasting cakes! Click here to check out Sarah & Gavin's wedding budget. 

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