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All Of The Actually Attractive Ways To Preserve Your Wedding Bouquet

pressed flower arrangement

As you’ve no doubt been told a million times already, your wedding will be over in the blink of an eye. So, it’s no wonder that we’re a little obsessed with preserving the special moment that you likely worked on for a year (if not more!). And sure, photos are cool and definitely a must, but there’s something about seeing an actual keepsake from that day that can really bring you back. And, believe it or not, your wedding bouquet makes the perfect wedding-day keepsake. We know you’ve seen it popping up on your Pinterest feed (thanks to the almighty algorithm) so here are all the [actually attractive] ways you can preserve your wedding bouquet. Photo from here.

Pressed and framed

pressed flowers in the frame with wedding invitation

You’ll notice that this is one of the only examples of dried/pressed florals that we picked and that’s for good reason. Dried flowers can go from joyful to morbid real quick. In fact, you’ll notice that a lot of these preserved floral artists do memorial work as well. We love this specific piece because it is artfully arranged, the flowers are still vibrant and held their color well, and we also love that the artist incorporated the wedding invitation into the composition, so there’s no confusion as to what’s being commemorated.


ring made from wedding flowers

We’ve seen a lot of pressed flower and resin flower jewelry, but this one stood out to us because it was so subtle and delicate. This ring is great for everyday wear, especially if you don’t plan on wearing your engagement ring or wedding band on the reg. We also love that it’s not overtly floral, it kind of looks like a crystal until you get close up.

Wooden Tray & Ornaments

Bupp Wood Works

Having your wedding flowers preserved into a wooden tray with resin is a unique and beautiful way to cherish your special day forever. Not only does it allow you to preserve the natural beauty and essence of your flowers, but it also creates a stunning piece of art that you can proudly display in your home. T

he process involves carefully drying and pressing the flowers, arranging them into a design, and encasing them in a clear resin that hardens to create a durable and protective layer. This method of preservation ensures that your flowers remain vibrant and intact for years to come, and the wooden tray adds a rustic and natural touch that complements any decor style. Whether you choose to display it on your mantle or use it as a centerpiece on your dining table, a preserved floral tray is a wonderful way to capture the beauty and memories of your special day. Shop this gorgeous tray and many other handmade keepsakes from Bupp Woodworks and Designs.

Minimalist sign

minimalist sign made from wedding flowers

So florals don’t really go with your decor? No prob! Check out these chic minimalist signs created with resin and dried flower petals from your bouquet. Whether you get your new married name or the date of your wedding, you can’t go wrong with this unique take on bouquet preservation.

Decorative block

resin block with wedding bouquet

If you actually want to see your flowers, like really see them, this is the way to go. These resin blocks are the closest thing we’ve seen to having your actual bouquet on display. Resin keeps all of the colors preserved and captures the essence of each of the flowers beautifully. A block like this makes a great conversation piece for on your mantle or bookshelf.

Ring holder

ring holder made from wedding flowers

Does it get any more apropos than a ring holder made from your wedding bouquet? And seriously, how gorg are these?! We may recreate our wedding bouquet just to have one of these babies made…just sayin’.

Decorative letter

resin letter made from wedding bouquet

While still very much floral, we like that these resin letters don’t scream bouquet. They make perfect decorative accents for any room in your home and serve as a subtle reminder of your wedding day.

Pressed flower tray

gold pressed flower tray

With a quick Etsy search, you’ll notice that there are a lot of these babies out there, but we picked this one because we thought the gold leaf technique was unique. You can use these trays to serve drinks or as a vanity tray to organize all of your favorite perfumes and beauty essentials.

Custom coasters

coasters made from wedding flowers

By far, this is the most practical use of your wedding bouquet. Who doesn’t need coasters? And these ones are so pretty! We love that this artist kept the edges organic and used different flowers and pieces of greenery for each coaster giving them all a unique look.

Dried floral dome

dried wedding flowers in dome

And while we probably scared you away from dried flowers already, this one was worth sharing because it was just that pretty! This artist was able to conserve the bright colors and we love the vertical arrangement. Plus, the little girl in us can’t get over the Beauty & the Beast vibes…

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