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Which bouquet shape fits your wedding aesthetic and your vibe?

organic pink and peach bouquet Photo:

As if there wasn’t enough new vocab to learn on your wedding planning adventure, did you know that there are different shapes of bouquets? Yep! Plenty of them. And unless you defer to your florist to decide for you, you’ll have to figure out which one speaks to you and your wedding design. As always, we’ve got you covered! We found out everything you need to know. Now, all you have to do is see which one fits your vibe.


tropical cascade bouquet Florals:

Just as the name suggests, this type of bouquet resembles a cascading waterfall and usually incorporates some type of vine to achieve the dramatic length in the front. This is probably the most dramatic of all of the bouquet shape options, so if you’re about the drama, this one’s for you! This type of bouquet works for any kind of wedding and definitely makes a statement. If you do decide to go with a cascade bouquet, make sure that your ceremony dress is equally dramatic–volume, embellishments, long train, the works. Your bouquet should add to your overall look, not steal the show. Another thing worth noting here is that your bouquet can be a different shape than your bridesmaids, so if you opt for a cascade bouquet for yourself, maybe select something a little less ornate for your bridesmaids.


moody red bouquet Photo:

Made to resemble freshly picked wildflowers, hand-tied bouquets have a very organic feel. They’re becoming more and more popular, especially with boho and rustic-styled weddings. Florists usually incorporate a lot of fresh greenery into hand-tied bouquets to give them some volume, then all of the stems are fastened together. You can get creative with how the bouquet is fastened. Some brides opt for raw Silk ribbon while others go for a more organic look with twine. These types of bouquets are perfect for outdoor woodland or garden weddings.


nosegay bouquet with lots of greenery Photo:

These compact bouquets are made of mostly greenery with a few statement flowers. Because of their smaller size, they’re perfect for elopements or more casual daytime ceremonies. They’re also a great option for bridesmaids and flower girls.


rose posy bouquet Photo:

Another very popular style, posy bouquets are probably what you think of when you think “traditional” bridal bouquet. They’re round in shape and are mostly made of flowers as opposed to greenery and the stems are wrapped tightly together, usually by a satin ribbon that’s held in place with decorative pins. If you’re going for a timeless look, you can’t go wrong with this classic bouquet style. They’re especially apropos for a ballroom wedding at a grand estate.


voluminous round hydrangia bouquet Photo:

These round bouquets are usually made of the same type of flower, instead of a mix, to emphasize the uniformity. While they may look simple, the round bouquet is truly a work of art for any florist. They need to make sure each flower is cut to the exact same length to create a whimsical and perfectly symmetrical sphere. This crisp floral design works great for modern minimalist wedding designs. If you’re getting married in a chic loft space and your gown is a fitted crepe number, then this is probably the bouquet for you.

But let’s be real, no matter what style of bouquet you choose, it’s going to be beautiful…it’s made of flowers!

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