Lace and Liberty Bridal Collection

Lace and Liberty Bridal Collection @weddingchicks

The versatile dresses at Lace & Liberty allow the bride to have a hand in designing her own dress through mix and match tops, skirts, and add ons. Their beautiful flowing skirts, embellished tops and LWD’s (little white dresses) can be easily paired together to create the dress of your dreams without sacrificing your budget. See all the designs here for more ideas.

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Lace and Liberty wedding dresses @weddingchicks

Smart Ash Tooth Whitener by Bedrock & Bloom

non-abrasive tooth whitening powder @weddingchicks

Smart Ash Tooth Whitening Powder

Smart Ash is a non-abrasive tooth whitening powder that’s actually good for your teeth! Traditional whitening methods (in-office treatments, strips, gels, and trays) damage your enamel and can cause painful sensitivity. Besides being painful, they can be very expensive (up to $500 for an in-office treatment). Smart Ash safely lifts stain from your teeth, bringing your smile to its most natural and healthiest shade of white. Not only do the all-natural ingredients not make your teeth sensitive, they actually reverse sensitivity by remineralizing your teeth.

It’s safe to use every day as a toothpaste alternative, and all the ingredients are food-grade. One jar last for six months, so you can continue to have white and healthy teeth beyond your wedding day! Smart Ash is 100% Fluoride-free, Raw, Non-GMO, Vegan, and Cruelty-free. Use code “chicks10” to get 10% off when you order from

instaLOVE ❤️ for whiter teeth follow bedrockandbloom

Luxurious Welcome Wedding Box

Luxurious Welcome Wedding Box @weddingchicks

If you’re looking for a great welcome box idea for your out of town friends and family, then we have the perfect solution for you! Easy to assemble and personalize, you can really make this small gesture go a long way with your guests. Check out all the goodies we found below for more ideas! Oh, and be sure to check out the gorgeous Gaudi inspired wedding behind this welcome box, see it here.

Luxurious Welcome Wedding Box Supplies

1. Verdi Sparkling Wine (BONUS: They offer customizable labels for their bottles!)
2. Cloister Honey
3. Dick Taylor Chocolate
4. Dram Loose Leaf Tea
5. Pacifica Natural Soap
6. Pacifica Soy Candle
7. Teak and Twine Box

luxurious wedding box @weddingchicks