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Theoni Wedding Rentals Collection Launch Party

purple wedding ideas

Theoni Collection Lifestyle Event Rentals located in beautiful Napa, California recently launched their entire collection and we're here to share it with you! You're going to love this. I bet you didn't even know these rentals were available, did you? Well, thanks to Theoni - they are available and there are more options that you can't even imagine. Wait until you scroll down and see the CHAIR WALL. I kid you not - it's a wall of chairs in cubbies that wonderfully satisfy your OCD if you happen to have any. Enjoy all of these photos by Justin Lee Photography with the exception of a few that are from my phone and will be labeled although it will be obvious.

Not So Mellow Yellow

Blue and yellow wedding ideas

What's happier than yellow? We don't even know. Is there any color more cheerful? We doubt it. Yellow is the ideal color for your spring or summer wedding. Try not to smile at the yellow tufted high back chairs. You smiled, didn't you? Free flowing flowers are the perfect accent to a cheery wedding. Mindy Rice knows, as you can see both above and below in her golden arrangements. The two photos below include lovely loungy furniture from Urban Parlour. We should all be required by law to lounge. Maybe I'll start a movement, not literally. Lounging implies that there be no movement. Whatever, sign me up!

Yellow wedding ideas Yellow Florals

We've got the blues

Salulita Chairs

We are suckers for blue. It's so fresh and timeless. If you know me, you know how much I love blue. Denim to be exact, in fact I'm sitting here in my favorite One Teaspoon jeans and my sweet denim Vans. Theoni can cover all of the bases with their lineup of blue from dinnerware to glassware and even chairs! These hues are so perfect for a summer wedding in wine country or any wedding anywhere or my house. I'm just saying.

blue wedding decor ideas

blue wedding table ideas

Sweet Scoops

Sweet Scoops Ice Cream Truck

Sweet Scoops handmade ice cream is making the world sweeter one scoop at a time. Trust us, this ice cream cart is the perfect addition to your summer wedding! Located in the Sonoma Plaza, Sweet Scoops can service your wine country wedding! I'll be honest, I was saving all of my calories for wine and trust me I used them, but this ice cream was clearly enjoyed.

Sweet Scoops Ice Cream Truck

The Chair Wall

Theoni Chair Wall Photo by: Amy's iPhone

Would you look at that? Just look at it. Look. Each chair is displayed in its very own cubby. This is an organizer's dream if I've ever seen one. That chair goes there, and that chair goes there. So perfect. I think this is the only way in which a chair should be chosen. Type A - where my people at?

We're Just Hanging Around

Theoni Lifestyle Event Rentals Chandeliers

Good style should always fall from the sky, just like these chandeliers featured permanently in the Theoni Lifestyle Event Rentals showroom. The Showroom is open to event planners, entertainers and brides-to-be and features rotating tabletop displays for your inspiration—from Napa Valley Pastoral to Pretty Pink and all Glitz and Glam—and a curated showcase of the entire rental collection. Come over and hang around a bit! 

Theoni Lifestyle Event Rentals Chandeliers Theoni Lifestyle Event Rentals Chandeliers

The Showroom & Mobile Showroom

Theoni Lifestyle Event Rentals Showroom

How inviting is this storefront? It's just asking for us to come in and behold the wonder that lives inside. After spending a little time with the Theoni crew, we would expect nothing less than visual perfection. Can't make it to the showroom? How about Theoni comes to you in this mobile showroom? She's called Winnie by the way, and what a cutie she is. That is some serious service and it's most definitely going to come with a smile!

Theoni Lifestyle Event Rentals Truck

Carneros Resort and Spa

Carneros Resort and Spa The Arbor Wedding Venue

Theoni Lifestyle Event Rentals got to strut their stuff at the Carneros Resort and Spa and it really shined, don't you think? This is the The Arbor Wedding Venue at Carneros Resort and Spa. It's quite stunning and the view is divine! This space is 110' x 40' and nestled at the edge of the property for privacy. Makes me want to go to a wedding, shocking, I know.

Carneros Resort and Spa The Hilltop Dining Room

The Hilltop Dining Room sits at the top of the property and boasts floor to ceiling windows so no one misses any of the rolling views. These florals, which happen to be my favorite, are from Brown Paper Design so be sure to check them out! I took some sweet iPhone pics, but Justin put me to shame. Food and Beverage Minimum is $12,500+ with a maximum Capacity of 80. The room measures 43' x 34'.

This is the life

Carneros Resort and Spa is a little piece of heaven on earth, in case you've not been. Please try and go. Here are a few fun pictures from my iPhone. We were so happy to run into Alison from Alison Events and drive off into the sunset in her convertible to an amazing dinner at Boon Fly Café

Carneros Resort Cottage Carneros Resort Cottage outdoor bath and shower

The cottages are an absolute delight. They were comfy, private, clean and the decor was darling! What's that you say? It's an outdoor shower and tub. Yes, please. My bestie Jen did not want to get romantic with me. Oh well. You should put that on your bucket list, I wouldn't mind going back with someone who wants to make out with me.

Alison Events

So pumped to run into Alison and friends from Alison Events. She's pretty much the best and creates the MOST amazing weddings. See for yourself. Alison, who was recently named one of the top wedding planners in the world by VOGUE Magazine, has promised to write some tips for our readers, so stay tuned for that! No pressure, Alison.

Napa Wine Country Boon Fly Cafe

We all drove off into the sunset with the wind in our hair. Very windy. Hair in your teeth and eyes windy. Seriously, is my life a movie? Sometimes it feels like it is. I do not know how this photo was created, you should see the edits. Hilarious. Then it was off to Boon Fly Café for dinner and, of course, wine.

Carneros Resort

Woah Bessy! She's a lovely lady, is she not? After all of the eating up there, I can relate. There's always room, so we finished the trip off with Boon Fly Café's famous donuts and green eggs and ham. OMG. Order that. Do it. I promise. Ridiculously delicious! Jen ordered the oatmeal and I just shook my head. Oh, Jen. 

Boon Fly Cafe famous donuts Boon Fly Cafe famous Green Eggs and Ham

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