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How Will You Make Your Wedding Day Getaway–Tips For Your Grand Exit

just married vespa

We’re sure you’ve already got your grand entrance planned, but what about your big exit? With so many other parts of the wedding to plan, the exit can be easy to gloss over. But, trust us when we say, it’s worth the work (and extra investment) to make sure your exit is as epic as possible. Why? Well, your exit will probably be one of the most photographed moments from your wedding day, not to mention that everyone usually lines up for the farewell. So, not only will you get awesome pics of the two of you together heading off into your happily ever after, but you’ll capture the once-in-a-lifetime moment when all of the people you love are together in one place. It’s truly priceless. And while you could easily book a limo or some other black car service, as with everything else in your wedding, it’s a lot more fun (for everyone) when you think a little outside the box. Here are a few extreme exits that we’ve seen and loved…who knows, maybe you’ll find just the inspiration you’ve been searching for…

riding motorcycle down the aisle at wedding

Photo: Mirror Wedding For the couple that’s rocking matching leather jackets for their big exit, nothing beats a motorcycle for your getaway ride. Just imagine, the sound of the engine, the wind in your hair, and chucking your bouquet as you make your big escape.

vespa wedding exit

Photo: Anna Wright, Anna Kay Photography Roman Holiday anyone? Come on, it doesn’t get more classically romantic than a Vespa exit. Plus, you get bonus points if it coordinates with your color palette, and they come in so many cute colors from pastels to classic neutrals.

Vintage Car
vintage red car for weddings

Photo: Samin Abarqoi Whether you’re thinking of an old muscle car or a classic luxury ride, there’s something just perfectly classy about a vintage getaway car. And they make for the best photos. Hot tip: leave it parked near where your guests will be enjoying cocktail hour so they can use it as a photo op, you can thank us later!

Hot Air Balloon
hot air balloon at wedding

Photo: Hello Gorgeous Photography So you’re a couple that likes adventure, well it doesn’t get much more adventurous than taking flight in a hot air balloon. And epic doesn’t even begin to describe how cool those photos will be. Make sure you hire a photographer/videographer with a drone to get the most out of this once-in-a-lifetime experience.

bride and groom on horse

If you’re planning on a woodland or dessert ceremony, then saddle up because a horseback exit is just what you need. Make sure you’re dressed for the occasion with cowboy boots and matching stetsons to complete the look as you ride off into the sunset together.

camels at wedding

Photo: Aschaaa Photography While we’re talking dessert getaways, may we (HIGHLY) recommend a camel exit? Seriously, your wedding photos will look like stills from a movie and you’re guests will love mingling with your furry friends before you say your goodbyes.

sail boat wedding with dog

Photo: Alberto Gobbato If you’re getting married on the water, then a boat getaway is a no-brainer. And there are a ton of options, but we must say, we’re partial to a sailboat because…well, just look at it! It’s gorgeous!

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