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Yes, You Can Get Mindy Weiss’s Help Planning Your Wedding

Mindy Weiss Session on MasterClass We’re all guilty of doing it: Finding out about a celebrity’s wedding, loving its look, and then getting all Sherlock Holmes-y figuring out the team responsible for all the pretty. Well, if there’s one celeb wedding planner all of us have heard of (and many of us have liked, loved, and followed for decades), it’s Mindy Weiss. She’s planned weddings for the likes of Justin Bieber and Hailey Baldwin, Nina and Russell Westbrook, Paris Hilton and Carter Reum, Wells Adams and Sarah Hyland (quite possibly my favorite couple ever), orchestrated some of Hollywood’s largest, most high-profile events and galas, and cemented herself as the Kardashians’ go-to party planner and fun facilitator. Guess what, chicks? She’s doing her own Session on MasterClass for wedding planning on a budget, and she has room in the session for more lucky-in-love couples!

Mindy is a legend, but in case you need a quick lesson

Mindy Weiss Session on MasterClass She started out creating custom invitations, and it snowballed into her becoming a highly-coveted wedding planner. After nearly 30 years and three bestselling books, nbd, she is a true master in her craft. This lady can quite literally plan the most lavish of events in her sleep, and when you pair that talent with an amazing personality, incredible warmth, and boundless creativity, you line up killer clients and a pedigree in party perfecting that is unmatched (see ☝️).

Reasons you might want to get in on this

Mindy Weiss Session on MasterClass Mindy Weiss Session on MasterClass
  • You’re already obsessed with Mindy (maybe she’s planned some of your favorite stars’ special days), and you want her signature touch on your wedding day
  • You’re unsure where to start with this whole process and need some serious direction — there’s nothing like getting aisle advice from the best in the biz
  • You’re busy bees and you don’t have the time to meet with a planner or wedding pro on your own time in an ad hoc way, but you’ll commit to your class with your ride or die

It’s not just a 2-hour long wedding basics tutorial

You put in work and learn from Mindy and your getting-married-too crew (the other couples tuning in and curating their own wedding days with Mindy’s blueprint) Mindy Weiss Session on MasterClass Mindy Weiss Session on MasterClass The beauty of the new MasterClass Sessions format is that it’s not just a one-and-done video, you get some tips and wedding “Dos,” and then you’re sent off to have your happily ever after. Nope. Doesn’t work that way. Instead, it’s a fresh new hands-on format where you can learn alongside the world’s best (Mindy, she’s the best in the wedding world) by working on projects and activities as part of a structured curriculum in just 30 days. You will actively participate in the Session by sharing your work with an engaged community of your peers and getting feedback from trained Teaching Assistants. And while the curriculum is structured to go from start to finish in just 30 days, the content is pre-recorded, so you can have access to the Session materials and return to them anytime during your MasterClass membership.

When the GOAT helps you with the budget, menu, apparel, decor, and ALL the other VIP details


Who else can say that Mindy Weiss helped them with their wedding binder?

Mindy Weiss Session on MasterClass And we truly mean helped with, not just had Mindy plan in her magical ways with a few key points of view. Thanksgiving is next week, and we’re thankful that MasterClass exists to bring us amazing tools and resources for better living (and dream weddings well within our means). So, sign up for Mindy’s Session on MasterClass right now, enrollment is for a limited time only. Mindy Weiss Session on MasterClass  
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