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10 shots you HAVE to get with your bridesmaids while you get ready

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Your bridesmaids have been there through it all. And once the momentum of life starts to take all of you with it, it’s likely that your wedding day is the last time that you’ll all be in the same place together for a while. So, it’s extra important that you get as many photos together as you can (good ones)! So much of wedding photography is focused on capturing the details of the day, and while we love that, we recommend getting these 10 shots with your girls that also capture the feeling of the day.

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1. poppin' bottles

View Real Wedding

Tis the time to celebrate and nothing says YAY like poppin’ a bottle (or two) of bubbly! See Maddy's Old Hollywood wedding here, and what her bridesmaid's dresses.

2. Champagne toast

champangetoast Photograph:

Gathering raise your Champagne glasses, toss confetti in the air, and capture a moment filled with laughter and joy, creating a truly memorable photo.

3. first look with your first loves (your girls)

first look with bridesmaids Photo: Beba Vowels

Sure, your soon-to-be hubby or wife will be excited to see you in your dress, but let’s be real, no one will be more excited than your girls. So, make sure you get their reaction on camera!

4. getting ready

A Breakdown of the Perfect Wedding Day Getting-Ready Timeline Photo: Picture Me & U

Yes, a lot of these shots could be considered part of your “getting ready” photo session. But make sure you get some photos as you’re actually getting ready.

You and your squad will need this

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5. the ring reveal

bride showing bridesmaids ring

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While they’ve all seen pics, it’s possible that a lot of your bridesmaids haven’t seen THE RING in person, so capture their reaction when they finally do.

6. spoiling yourselves

122903612_139784587849369_1421300156219584848_n Photo: @vipmagazine.al

You’re on vacation after all…so act like it. And GET SOME PICS!

7. coffee break

bridesmaids sipping coffee in robes Photo: @alexwysockiphotography ⁠⁠

You’ll need to fuel up with the big day ahead of you. Have your photographer snap some pics of you and the girls sipping your coffee.

8. girly gossip

bride and bridesmaids in rollers and lingerie Photo: Violet Grey

As you’re all getting ready (in your adorable outfits) make sure that your photographer captures candid behind-the-scenes moments like this. Bonus points if you’re all in super cute lingerie.

9. jumping on the bed

bride and bridesmaids jumping on the bed Photo: Ira Lippke Studios

Get all those pre-ceremony butterflies out of your system by letting your hair down and jumping on the bed with your besties.

10. put your feet up

bride and bridesmaids with legs up Photo: Tetiana Photography

Ok, this one’s a little literal, but look how cute this shot is!

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