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The Getting Ready Robes You and Your Girls Really, Really Want

The Getting Ready Robes You and Your Girls Really, Really Want

... The robes you really, really want, when you're spinning the Spice Girls in your bridal suite from 7am on. We get it, you've seen bridal robes before, it’s nothing new, butttt you probably haven’t seen ones that didn’t scream “I’m in a wedding, I’ll wear this for a hot sec and then throw it into the back of my closet and never wear it again.” You know the ones we’re talking about, we don’t have to throw any shade, because they’re good, too! The getting ready bridal robes from Kenny Flowers are just, different, and the best kind of different there is. Truthfully, we could make our point just by sharing some pics, but we’ll provide a little color on these coordinating cover ups, because they serve color up sooo well. Girls, it’s time to get ready for that wedding #getinformation 📸.

A refresher on these robe renegades.

Kenny Flowers is an upscale, tropical clothing and lifestyle brand putting a fresh spin on swim and resort wear since 2015. Run by an engaged couple (because who else understands the basics of bridal loungewear), Kenny Flowers nails fun, fresh designs for both men and women in high-quality, island-soft fabrics.

Feeling a little déjà vu? You’re right, we’ve talked about this brand before… the good ones always have more stuff to come back for! And this time, it’s another perfect gift for bridesmaids - sayonara sarongs ((not really, we love them too, head back here ICYMI)), hello kimono robes! The soft, flowy kimonos are everything your squad needs to slay in your bridal suite. The getting-ready robes pair well with champagne, bring a total mood to a bloody-mary-bearing brunch, and pretty much transform your tribe into instant wedding morning influencers what with the rad robes, the beautiful bevy of bride+bridesmaids, and a probable bangin’ breakfast buffet to provide all the food porn your followers need to see for weeks. #nofilter.

The Getting Ready Robes You and Your Girls Really, Really Want
Bridesmaid Robe:

FOMO or Kimono? 

… We choose kimono. Whether you want the whole group in matching bridal and bridesmaids robes, or a soft, silky white one for yourself and a festive print for your posse ((peep this look, we know who the bride is, her girls are just her [bridal] party)), these kimono robes, like Kenny Flowers’ matching sarong wraps for bachelorette parties, will be the gift your girls will thank you for again and again, because they can wear them again and again. 

And YOBO - because you 'only bride once,' so why not wear white!?!!

The Getting Ready Robes Your Girls Are Already Dreaming About Robe:

The Getting Ready Robes Your Girls Are Already Dreaming About Robe:

From the morning mimosas to hair and makeup, all the bestie bonding right up through your much-anticipated first look, with your Kenny Flowers matching robes on, you’ll stage the best kind of wedding day girls glow up. You might even have to remind your ladies that they do have a dress to change into… Who actually wants to abandon the cutest, most legendary leisurewear for a bridesmaids dress? Not us! 🙋🏻

Don’t worry, though, just tell them that the ‘one and done’ deal doesn’t apply here, not when the quality and design is so damn good!! They can break their kimonos out for their next beach day, Monday morning while they’re getting ready for work, or even for their own honeymoon - because these robes don’t scream “I’m a bridesmaid,” remember? Goddess on a beach sounds a lot more like it…

The Getting Ready Robes Your Girls Are Already Dreaming About Robe:

All you really need to know, because the pretty pics speak for themselves:

  • Made ethically in Bali so you can feel your best when you’re getting ready

  • 100% lightweight premium rayon kimono robe with a waist belt, flowy sleeves, and mid-thigh length to make it multi-use as a beach cover-up, bridesmaids robe or comfy wrap top

  • Special bridal party discounts online so you have more $$$$ for champagne. We can stop right there, really…

  • The silky white robe with an embroidered "BRIDE" on the back and fringe detailing on the front is getting-ready gold. You might even have to remind YOURSELF that there's an equally-gorgeous gown awaiting your arrival. 

  • Chic, tropical designs that look glam on the gram and that your girls can wear again and again

  • Matching men’s attire so you can grab your groom a matching day-of or honeymoon shirt in the same print. We ❤️ this one, because the groom’s suite should be just as stylish…

This bride gets it.

“It’s not just a wedding day getting ready robe, if you wear it open without the tie, it effortlessly becomes a chic beach cover up that all your girls will wear again and again and again.” ~ Christina, San Francisco 

The Getting Ready Robes Your Girls Are Already Dreaming About Robe: The Aqua Dimes Robe

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