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Pink and Gold Cuban Wedding

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Nick and Erica are one beautiful couple whose love is so palpable that its hard not to fall in love along with them. It's this heart melting love they share that makes their pink and gold Cuban wedding day so fabulous! Well that and the cute personal details they incorporated into it.
If you are just as in love with this gorgeous day as we are then take a look at the full gallery here. Its chalk full of lovely images captured by the talented Nicole Leever Photography. Be sure to read on for the full budget breakdown.

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Private Vow Reading

From Coastyle Events:When you meet them and see the way they laugh and play together it is so easy to see why they instantly fell in love. They are truly two of the most beautiful people you will ever meet on the inside and out.

Prior to the ceremony Nick and Erica chose to exchange longer personal written vows during their first look. It was the most intimate and touching moment and set the tone for the emotional and romantic day.

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personal vows

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Let Go of Control

You can plan up until the day before, but on the big day let go of control -- your only job on the wedding day should be to enjoy it. Yes things will go wrong that day but be able to laugh it of and remember what the celebration is all about -- You are marrying the love of your life and all of your loved ones have come out to help share in your joy.

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Dancing Drinking & Desserts

My husband and I are not big fans of cake and we have been to so many weddings where we see huge (expensive) cakes going to waste. We thought about the desserts that we would like to enjoy after a night of dancing and drinking and that's when we decided to have donuts and crumble pies instead

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Read on to see how much this pink and gold Cuban wedding cost. Please note that costs change as the years go by, and prices are subject to change. This is just one couple’s breakdown to give you a rough estimate on how much a wedding like this may cost you.

Guests: 175
We did not have a huge budget to work with, however we were able to have our ideal wedding with the help of our amazing family and friends. This was a family affair with the wedding being held at my aunt and uncles house, my grandfather made the wedding arch, Our aunts, mothers, sister and grandmothers made the flower arrangements, Nick's uncle was our officiant, our friend designed our invitations, our other friend was our photographer, My sister styled my hair, Nick's parents did the landscaping to the backyard as well as strung the lights (another piece of advice is to utilize the expertise and help offered of those close to you. The help of our family and friends was invaluable) This was a major DIY wedding so all of the decor items were collected/made by myself or family i.e. the jars, vases, chalkboards, direction sign, place card display etc.
This was a backyard wedding (my aunt and uncle generously let us have our wedding on their property) so the venue was free.
Catering (including labor and all rentals --tables, chairs, linens etc) ~$8,200
Wedding Coordinator ~ $1,200
We were able to get some great deals by utilizing the referrals of friends. These prices may not reflect their existing prices.
DJ ~ $1,400
Photographer ~ $3,800
Videographer ~ $2,000
Flowers ~$800
Donuts and Pies ~$175
Wedding Dress, alterations, accessories and grooms apparel ~$2,200
Save the dates/invites: ~$200

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