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Free Spirited Vintage Wedding

romantic bouquet by These Buds A Blooming

Lindsey and Morgan's free spirited vintage wedding was entirely an expression of who they are expressed their eternal love for each other. With Lindsey looking fabulous in her mom's wedding dress, a street vender style dinner and their DIY wedding venue, we can't help falling in love with this couple!
Melissa Ergo Photography beautifully captured this day and all its eclectic details. You can see even more when you visit the full gallery here.

feather wedding invite

eclectic bridesmaid dresses

Vintage Wedding Dress

I wore my mothers vintage lace dress, which was amazing and so special, but I did change into a second dress for the reception and dressed it up with boho jewelry...... being comfortable was an ideal way to be a great host and dance!

wedding couple

lace wedding dress

Share Your Wedding Decisions

My biggest advice is that you should be authentic. Choose things that you love and  try not to let how you think other people will interpret your choices influence what your day is like. That being said, be willing to compromise. It's your husbands day too and if he wants to walk down the aisle with his mom to the Game of Thrones music, HE will be so happy (that actually happened and it was a hit!).

jewish wedding ceremony

Melissa Ergo Photography

DIY Venues Can Be Get Expensive

We had a unique wedding in that it was at our home and we called upon a lot of talented friends and family to help make it happen. I will say, however, turning a a space into a venue can be more expensive than you think! A third of the budget went into tent, toilets, tables, chairs, generators, lights, heaters and building a kitchen for the caterer!

reception sign

pink wedding flowers

magenta floral and candle lit decor

magenta and green garland table centerpiece

Street Vendor Dinner

The dinner was a collection of street style/food truck faire set up in multiple stations. We have traveled the globe together and have found the food of street vendors to be the most memorable! We wanted it to be interactive and fun.

signature cocktail sign

moraccan style reception seating

street taco bar

reception food stations

Authentic Reflection of You

I LOVED my wedding. I really loved everything about it. It was the most true and authentic reflection of who I am, who my husband is and who we are as a couple. We chose every detail, every hidden element of symbolism and each morsel of food to be a manifestation of our creative and free spirits.

rose accesented naked cake

wedding cake topper

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