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Old Fashioned Family Wedding

rustic wedding ideas

You don't always have to reinvent the wheel. Traditional weddings leave lasting memories just as the ones before. Taylor and Michelle's old fashioned family wedding took place on their family's property and everything from the flowers to the dessert table were created by their loved ones. This fabulous day was beautifully captured by Zipporah Photography.

backless wedding dress

wedding hair with moss halo

organic wedding bouquet

assorted bridesmaid dresses

rustic groom look

barefoot groomsmen

From Zipporah Photography:As A wedding photographer I love that I sometimes get to see and capture things that others don't get the privilege too see! My favorite moment of the day, other than Michelle walking down to Beautiful by Phil Wickham, was that split moment right before Michelle's father gave her away. Taylor, Michelle's dad, and Michelle were standing in a line right in front of the pastor. And Taylor and Michelle kept sneaking glances at each other. You could just feel the eagerness and excitement at that moment.

colorful dessert bar

berry topped naked cake

burlap and lantern lit reception tables

lantern release

lantern release exit

Read on to see how much this old fashioned family wedding cost. Please note that costs change as the years go by, and prices are subject to change. This is just one couple’s breakdown to give you a rough estimate on how much a wedding like this may cost you. With ceremony and reception venues provided by friends and family, they totally scored!

From The Bride: There wasn't much we said we would change, except that we didn't get to say goodbye to anyone. We had everyone line up and start lighting the flying lanterns, and by the time we walked through them no one saw us because they were all looking at the sky! Leaving felt rushed; we wished we'd made sure to hug our families and close friends.
We also might have chosen a ceremony that was closer to the reception. Ours was 30 minutes away, which caused some guests to leave earlier from the reception than we thought. It might have flowed a little more smoothly if the two were closer to each other.

$300 - Bride's dress
$120 - Bride's hair
$150 - Groom's attire
$100 - Bridesmaid gifts
$200 - Groomsmen gifts
$125 - Invitations
$100 - Flowers (Put together for free by an aunt)
$2400 - Photography Free - Venue (Ceremony at a friend's backyard and reception in my parents' backyard)
Free - Arch (Made by groom's grandfather)
$100 - Christmas lights
$50 - Flying lanterns
$300 - Photo booth camera + film + photo book
$300 - Beer, side dishes and utensils
$150 - BBQ
$50 - Desserts (Made for free by bride's sister)
Free - DJ (Groom's brother)
Free - Tables, linens, chafing dishes and chairs (Borrowed from church and friends)
$300 - Reception help (Teens from church who set out food, cleaned up, etc.)

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