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Handmade Orange and Yellow Wedding

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Jill and Ben borrowed every inch of talent their family and friends could offer them for their handmade orange and yellow wedding. From the fabulous stationery created by Jill's sister, Kelsey Davis Designs, to the grab and go dessert table stocked with homemade goodies, and even the live music preformed by the brides brother, Danny Davis of Husbands.
With a budget under 12K the benefit of keeping things in the family are huge! To see the full budget breakdown keep reading and visit the full gallery here to see all of the DIY details captured by Josh McCullock Photography.

wedding invites programs and shoes

orange bridesmaid dresses

From the Bride

My sister did all our programs and invites. She did AMAZING! We tried to make our wedding as personalized as we could that reflected who we are as a couple. It was a lot of tough work but so worth it.

A DIY wedding can be time consuming and hard because you have to think of every detail but then again….that's the best part! Everything has your personal touch and style on it and that’s what will make your wedding unique and stand out. And don’t be afraid to ask your bridesmaids for help. We had several wine and craft nights together trying to get things done.

the men of the wedding looking good in grey

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farm wedding ceremony

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Don’t be afraid to splurge on a good photographer. We splurged on ours and it was well worth it. After the wedding is over and years down the road, you will always have those photos that captured your favorite moments of the most important day of your life.

handmade wedding centerpiece ideas

live reception music preformed by the brides brother

I had my grandmothers, sisters, and my mom make different pies and cupcakes for our grab and go table for those who wanted a quick dessert. My husband also roasted his own coffee beans to give all our guest as party favors

thank you chalkboard sign

coffee wedding favors

wedding cake with paper fan backdrop

Get a closer look at this family ties orange and yellow wedding by watching the wedding video from Bryan Sparks below.



Budget From The Bride:
Wedding dress $1200
Venue $1500
Food $3000
Photography (Included wedding and engagement session) $4500
Invites and programs $250
Bouquets $375
Boutonnieres $20
Wedding Favors $250
Photo Booth $500
Flowers $0 My mom and Grandma grew their own that we used for the wedding.
Band $0 My brother played folk music with his friends.
Video $0 My uncle taped all the behind the scenes and our ceremony.

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