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El Buho Cenote Wedding Ceremony in Tulum, Mexico

El Buho Cenote wedding in Tulum, Mexico

Monique and Jordan, who tied the knot in 2021, found a unique way to honor Monique's Mexican heritage when her family couldn't attend their initial wedding. Opting for an intimate celebration at the enchanting El Buho Cenote in Tulum, Mexico, they embraced the lush tropical landscape and the cenote's crystal-clear waters, creating a poignant and picturesque backdrop for their special day.

Amidst tears of joy, the couple and their guests received a heartfelt blessing from a traditional Mayan family, capturing an incredibly powerful experience beautifully photographed by Bows and Lavender. For a deeper dive, explore the complete gallery of these cherished moments.

El Buho Cenote wedding

Tropical Wedding Bouquet

The tropical bouquet crafted by Pure Love Floral exudes vibrant elegance, showcasing a harmonious blend of exotic blooms and lush foliage of Proteas and Anthuriums.

tropical wedding boquet

Tulum, Mexico wedding ceremony tropical wedding boouquet

Tulum, Mexico wedding ceremony

Ancestral Bodas Mayas Brought Intimate Anahuak Traditions To Life

Ancestral Bodas Mayas is a family of three generations consisting of indigenous Shamans, dancers, artisans, musicians, and sweat lodge executors. They proudly guard the traditions of the ancestral cultures of the Anahuak. The energy that was created during the ceremony represented the connecting of two souls with the cosmos and the sealing of their love to each other with the universe as a witness.

The drum and conch shell provided a mystical, spiritual ambiance to the ceremony, while the medicine woman smudged the bride and the groom with the aromatic smoke of copal to cleanse them before they entered the sacred circle of the offering. This was where they were then united by the Shaman.

Tulum, Mexico wedding ceremony

Spiritual wedding ceremony

Tulum, Mexico wedding ceremony

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Each of earth's elements played a role in symbolizing the couple joining together as one

During the ceremony they received many traditional blessings from the four elements of the earth: fire, water, wind and earth. During the water blessing, Monique and Jordan shared that they felt as though their hands where melting together, which really served to connect the idea of two souls blending together.

The ceremony concluded with a shower of flower petals, signifying abundance and prosperity. They exchanged natural seeds as a symbol of fertility, and the seeds were offered to the water to represent what will grow from that moment on. It was truly one of the most meaningful ceremony experiences and such a special way for everyone to be able to attend!


The bride's contemporary style perfectly complemented the traditional ceremony

Both Monique and Jordan are very outdoorsy, so it was only natural for them to be married barefoot while receiving spiritual blessings from a traditional Mayan family. Saying it was a moving experience doesn't even begin to scratch the surface! So many shared that the guests were tearing up throughout the ceremony as much as the couple was.

For the event, Monique's dress was called "East" and was designed by the ever-so-talented Rue De Seine Bridal. This dress was the star of the show, and guests could not stop complimenting how unique it was. She has always been a creative person, so it was fitting that she had a creative dress to match her personality and energy. She paired the gown with the zodiac veil by the same designer in order to complete her boho glam-inspired "wow" look.

monique-jordan_1328 monique-jordan_1303


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