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Glam Jungle Elopement in Tulum, Mexico

Tulum, Mexico Elopement Ideas

We're so happy that more and more couples are sharing their elopements with us, like this glam elopement in Tulum. They did everything just right! They picked a picture-perfect destination that they knew they would enjoy. They hired Diana Romo Weddings, an incredible planner that knows the area to take care of all of the details. Then, they invested in beautiful ensembles that fit the vibe they were going for. And they threw themselves an actual wedding, just for the two of them, complete with live music, an impeccably decorated sweetheart table, bouquet, invites, and all. Now that's how an elopement should be!

The groom had already worked with Diana Romo Weddings before, so they knew they were in good hands. Vanessa Jaimes Floral Design created an intimate jungle-inspired floral landscape for them and really set the tone for the night and meshed beautifully with the design of their incredible venue, Nest Tulum. Andre Gouin Photography took these moody photos that really give the elopement the modern twist that the couple was going for. Keep reading to hear more about this adorable love story and how they ended up in Tulum for their elopement.

Tulum, Mexico Elopement Ideas Tulum elopement

Tulum, Mexico Elopement Ideas

Tulum, Mexico Elopement

Mick and Carolyn came to me when they decided to elope in Tulum. Mick is an amazing DJ, entrepreneur, and speaker from New York, we met before when he came to play for one of our previous clients and we just love his energy. A few years later he contacted me as he and his beautiful fiancée, Carolyn, were looking to have a unique and intimate elopement in Tulum.

Their love story is so unique and we couldn't be happier to be part of their big day! Carolyn and Mick were introduced at a party by a mutual friend in November 2019. Carolyn was still in a long-term relationship and Mick was doing a lot of casual dating after becoming freshly separated, so the timing just wasn't right. A year later, on election night in November 2020, Carolyn slid into Mick's DMs and they agreed to move to Tulum together in the event that the former president won another term. Fortunately, he did not win, so they agreed instead on a Tulum elopement another year later in November 2021.

Tulum, Mexico Elopement Ideas

Tulum, Mexico Elopement Ideas Tulum, Mexico Elopement Ideas

Rooftop Ceremony

With the help of our great vendors, we came up with this beautiful jungle setting on the rooftop where they had a jazz trio and an intimate ceremony followed by a gorgeous sunset and dinner.

Tulum elopement

Tulum, Mexico Elopement Ideas

Designing Their Elopement

Design-wise, they were looking for a jungle, greenery, weaving, and natural woods in all of the settings, inspired by the Tulum architecture: the straight lines, concrete work, smooth walls, indoor/outdoor, minimal, open spaces.

The perfect venue was NEST Tulum, one of my favorite hotels in the destination. They knew that even when it was going to be just for the two of them they wanted something special, full of details, and unique.

Even when the rain came for a minute nothing stopped these two from enjoying their special day. We kept the wedding a secret for around 9 months, but now that they've shared the news, we are thrilled to show more about this beautiful elopement. Thank you, Carolyn and Mick, for letting us be part of your story.

Tulum elopement

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Tulum elopement

Tulum elopement

Tulum elopement Tulum elopement

Tulum elopement

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