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Black and Gold Gatsby Wedding

Gatsby styled bridal party @weddingchicks

Great Gatsby, this is a glamorous wedding! Not only is it overflowing with glamorous details stunning bridesmaid dresses and bits and pieces from the past, but a lot of the day was created by the bride. Andrea wanted to make sure her day had an authentic roaring 20's vibe.
Curious to learn just what was hand made in this black and gold Gatsby wedding? Keep scrolling past the credits below and you will find a whole list of what this vintage bride created! Plus don't forget to slip over to the full gallery to see even more fabulous images captured by Alicia Pyne Photography.

glittery and glamorous wedding accessorties @weddingchicks

1920s inspired wedding look @weddingchicks

flapper styled flower girl @weddingchicks

roaring twenties bridesmaids @weddingchicks

Glamorous Styled Wedding

From Alicia Pyne Photography: The entire wedding day was inspired by the Great Gatsby and 1920s era with the end goal to feel like everyone was attending a lavish party at the Gatsby mansion instead of a traditional wedding. Everything from the invitations, venue, music, décor, and dress was inspired by the glamour of that time period

art deco style wedding proceedings sign @weddingchicks

vintage typewriter wedding advice station @weddingchicks

family photo fireplace wedding altar @weddingchicks

tying the knot @weddingchicks

newlyweds @weddingchicks

Dress The Part

Guests were asked to wear their best art deco attire which would mimic the elegance and fun portrayed in the book and movie. A glass conservatory was set up for the ceremony and then flipped after for dinner while guests partied outside. Vintage art deco pieces, many being family heirlooms, and F. Scott Fitzgerald quotes were paired with a modern twist to transform the entire night.

Gatsby wedding accessorties @weddingchicks

a little party framed quote and love note and wedding advice table @weddingchicks

messages and memories table display @weddingchicks

love note display diy @weddingchicks

DIY Messages for Memories Board

Instead of a sign-in guestbook, a message board was created so that every guest could write a personalized note.

A piece of plywood was spray painted black and then 150 gold envelopes were pasted in rows. A sign was made and framed by the bride with an art deco matte. Personalized advice cards were pre-printed for each guest to fill out with special gold pencils that had “Use To Write Words of Wisdom” engraved on them. After guests filled out, they sealed them in an envelope.

hanging marquee lights drinks sign @weddingchicks

Great Gatsby framed quote @weddingchicks

modern gold and black treats displays @weddingchicks

Gatsby Wedding Soundtrack

Keeping with the theme, the soundtrack from the new Gatsby movies was used throughout the evening. The bride walked down the aisle to “Young and Beautiful” by Lana del Rey. The couple and wedding party exited the ceremony by the song “Where The Wind Blows” by Coco O. For cocktail hour and dinner, 1920s and swing music was played in the background the entire evening.

glamorous Gatsby styled reception in gold and black @weddingchicks

black and gold place setting @weddingchicks

mr and mrs table and chapagne tower @weddingchicks

art deco and modern gold and black cake @weddingchicks

vintage wedding car and sparkler exit @weddingchicks

Keep reading to find out more about the glamorous details that were DIY-ed for this black and gold Gatsby wedding! Trust us, its well worth the look!

More DIY ideas:
Marquee Lights:
Three sets of marquee lights were made by the bride: “Drinks”, “Sweets”, and “Treats”. She spray painted paper mache letters with gold spray paint for the base. Since a key goal was to not have any cords for the lights, she took LED tealight candles and glued clear Christmas ornament on top to create the lighted bulb effect. Velcro was used to attach the bulbs to the letters.
S’mores Bar:
The bride took 2 wooden flower boxes and spray painted them white with gold trim. They were then filled ¾ full with packing peanuts and then newspaper on top of that. 6 gelled ethanol burners are placed on top and then rocks (previously spray painted with gold) were placed on top around to give the effect of the flame coming up through the rocks. Multiple sized glass square vases were used to hold the food items with personalized art deco name tags.
Order of Ceremony Poster & Dinner Menus:
The bride purchased a vector background from Shutterstock and then used graphic design programs to complete. A 3rd party printed the poster for around $30 and 200 menus for around $200.
Dinner Ostrich Feather Centerpieces:
Bride purchased pieces online from a variety of sources for a fraction of the price and combined on the day-of.
Popcorn Bar:
The bride found discounted apothecary jars from Marshall’s and filled with gourmet popcorn found in bulk at a local shop. Personalized labels were purchased on Etsy to match s’mores bar and dinner buffet labels.
Bride and Bridesmaid’s Bouquets:
The bride’s mother handmade all of the broach bouquets. The bride’s bouquet was made specifically from broaches that were her great-grandmothers.

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