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Love Note Envelope Wall DIY

envelope wall and cute writing desk station

Who would have thought that simple white envelopes could create such fun wall texture! Beautifully captured by Chantal Lachance-Gibson, This fabulously eye-catching love note vignette by Lemonbox Studios is perfect for your reception. And with supplies like plywood and plain white envelopes it won't have you breaking the bank!
Plus we have two lovely little free printables just for you, all you have to do is download and print and they are all yours. So keep scrolling wedding fans, this one is definitely worth a good long look!

envelope wall how to

Envelope Wall Materials:
4' x 8' sheet of plywood from Home Depot White Enamel Paint in a Satin or Gloss finishPaint Roller White Envelopes Removable Glue Dots from Walmart Personalized Envelope Seal Stickers from Vistaprint Signed Sealed Delivered 48" x 24" decal, You can download ours for free right here and get it printed at FedEx!
Set Up:
1. Sand down rough edges of plywood, paint, and let dry completely.

2. Once dry, carefully adhere decal to top of envelope wall.

3. Attach glue dots to front of envelopes, stick to wall so that envelope flap faces out.

4. Place bespoke stickers on table for guest to seal their notes into envelopes.

free decal template printable

bespoke envelope stickers

write us a love note station

This adorable little love note station was designed by Lemonbox Studios who are a UK events design and coordination company based in Scotland. They create fabulously designed events full of unique details that reflect their client’s individuality. With a hands on approach that often involves manufacturing their own bespoke props they design, print, style, and coordinate all aspects of every project to create a unique and special event that will never be forgotten.

cute writing table materials

Love Note Station Materials:
Thrift Store Writing Table Funky Colored Chair Desk Lamp Flower Vase Pencil Holder Picture Frame Envelope Wall Instructions, you can get this super cute printable here!
Set Up:
1. If writing table is not desired color, paint with leftover envelope wall paint, let dry completely.

2. download this adorable love note station sign and place into picture frame.

3. Set up envelope wall in desired location.

4. Place writing table and chair in front of envelope wall.

5. Set out bespoke stickers, postcards, pens, your cute framed sign, some fresh flowers and get ready to enjoy the cutest little love note station you and your guests have ever seen!

love note table sign

love note wedding station

custom envelope stickers

Event Designer & Coordinator: Lemonbox Studios Photographer: Chantal Lachance-Gibson

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