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Couples Will Be Crazy for these 2019 Wedding Trends

Backyard wedding with farm tables and floral garlands
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This time of year is awesome, and not just because it’s finally appropriate to sip hot cocoa (maybe even spiked sorts) every night while watching Hallmark holiday classics. Although, let’s be real, that’s why I love it. No, apart from the festiveness of it all, it’s also when we get all the annual trend reports on what will be hot in the upcoming year. Pantone did it last week, and it’ll be quite some time before we want to see the Living Coral color trend die off. And just today, Pinterest came out with its annual Pinterest 100 report - covering all things particularly inspirational, from fashion, beauty and home decor, to hobbies and health & wellness trends. Since the platform’s launch in 2010, it’s been the most-used place for soon-to-be-married couples to get all the inspo they need for their big days, so of course going into its ninth year of business, the wedding searches are still skyrocketing. These were the biggest things brides (and grooms) were searching, so get ready to see them in full effect for 2019. 

Not going to say we predicted them first, because the Pinterest data is obviously much more analytical and influential, but lots of these trends have already been crushed by some of our favorite vendors. We know how to pick ‘em, right?!??!

Scroll on for a look at what will be major for next year’s nuptials. And while some of it’s old, some of it’s new, ALL OF IT works for ‘I Do.’ Donut even try to disagree 😜

Oh! And if you were wondering how Pinterest can decide things are a trend. Get this. “The way we know an idea is trending is by looking at what all those people are searching for. If an idea keeps getting more and more searches each month? And that upward trajectory holds steady for 6+ months? That’s how we know it’s a trend.”

See, there’s a science to their style forecasting…

Backyard weddings

Backyard Wedding with String Lights Photo Credit:

Yes, we’ve seen them before, we’ve literally got tons of baller backyard weddings in our repertoire of real weddings - but they just keep getting better every time. According to Pinterest, searches for this cozy and cost-friendly vibe have gone up +441%. Sooo, start thinking about hanging up those string lights, and if you need some help - just peep this laid back wedding, especially if you have four-legged friends that you want to be in attendance!

Donut decor

Donut wall at wedding reception Photo Credit:

Regardless of how many years couples have been digging these dunkables, it doesn’t seem like the trend is getting any less delicious. In fact, it’s only gotten nuttier for nuptials! Pinterest gave us the low-down on doughy decor, and it seems that searches for donuts are up +748%. Thinking about having some at your own? Because we happen to know someone who makes a serious acrylic donut wall. They literally look like they’re floating 😮.

Gilded gowns 

Gold and blush wedding gown by Peter Langner Wedding Gown:

White, ivory, champagne and blush have owned the color category when it comes to wedding dresses, but apparently metallics - gold in particular - will be making all the glittering aisle-style moments in 2019. Searches for gold wedding gowns are up +1552%, and we’re here for it (as we are with everything glamorous Jennifer Lawrence does). Check out all the just-debuted bridal looks, gold comes up a lot!

Smoke bomb snapshots

Pink smoke bomb photography with bride and groom Photo Credit:

Another look that’s never going away is this epic 💣wedding shot. Up +436%, smoke bomb photography is fool-proof photo magic. Smoke bombs of every color add big drama to wedding, engagement and just-for-fun photos, according to Pinterest. Always blows our minds 🤯. A little basic, but not really - we double tap the crap out of it every time.

Neon lights 

Till Death Do Us Part Light Up Neon Sign by Echo Neon Neon Signage:

Yaaaaaaas, a million times yaaaas. We live for this trend, and can’t wait to see it keep lighting weddings up all year long. Pinterest says people are celebrating their biggest life moments with personal messages spelled out in fun, psychedelic lights (searches for neon wedding signs up +281%), and we get it. Because we’ve done it ourselves!!

Make your own flower photo booth backdrop with neon or just spell it out with Echo Neon.

Floral garlands

Floral garland on wedding ceremony arbor Photo Credit:

Again, not all that new - but draped over the table, swagged around the ceiling or lined up together like a curtain, flower garlands are giving couples all the feels for 2019. Pinterest points to an upward search trend of +1154%! Oh, and if it still doesn’t feel edgy enough for you, don’t worry - we know a floral studio that does crazyyyy good ceremony garland circles and so much other cool stuff with drapey blooms and statement florals.

Not wedding-specific, but still kind of relevant! 

And while we wouldn’t necessarily say that number-shaped cakes, stargazing/moon gathering, and mini moment celebrations automatically conjure up wedding wondering… we can already think about ways to make them work for weddings:

  • A wedding cake shaped for the number of years you’ve been together

  • A fun idea for alternative bacheloretting // especially if you and your tribe are fond of celestial/witchy things. 🌝🔮

  • There are sooo many mini moments from the time you get engaged to the time you get married and even afterwards (umm, minimoons?) - so we’ll totally tell you to celebrate them all!

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