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The Groomsmen Fashion Situation Can Actually Be Really Fun

The Groomsmen Fashion Situation Can Actually Be Really Fun

I’m starting to feel like tux and suit rentals mayyyy be coming to an end for the modern groom. Anyone else feel that way? Given that a bride and her crew can go shopping for their dresses, make it into a special day, complete with brunch, bubbly, and a ‘best-dressed bridal party’ superlative by the end of it, it only makes sense that a groom would be able to do the same thing with his guys. It can be a fun thing, but so often grooms get into this ‘gotta check this off my to-do list, boys, so let’s just go, get fitted, and be done with it.' mentality and then the experience just kind of gets cheapened. That’s why we’re soooo here for the new opportunities grooms have to get a custom, made-to-order suit or tux for their wedding AND have their squad styling too. We tapped Indochino, the largest exclusive made-to-measure apparel company in the world (oh yes, quite a rad reputation), to see how they think the groomswear world should be trending.

The inside scoop from Indochino.

Guys appreciate simplicity, right? Well, Indochino makes made-to-measure menswear that’s affordable and hassle free (two things that every guy can get down with). All your groom needs to do is book a showroom appointment or order online, select his fabric and customizations including lining, monogram and lapel; shortly after, the garment is made exclusively for him and delivered to his/your doorstep in no time at all. 

The Groomsmen Fashion Situation Can Actually Be Really Fun

They’re certainly not the only players in the modern groom game, but here’s where the company truly stands out. Instead of just pushing customers to purchase online, there’s a whole showroom situation. Grooms can bring their entire bridal party in for a unique made-to-measure experience that’s not unlike a bride making plans with her besties to go shopping for their gowns. The showrooms each feature a dedicated Groom’s Lounge, where the man of the hour and his boys can get measured, see the fabrics, select their individual suit/tux customizations, and relax.

Oh! And instead of needing to schedule this opportune outing at least six months ahead of the wedding day, Indochino guarantees all can be done in as little as six weeks. Yup, 6 weeks - and your groom can pick his fabrics, get measured and personalized, have alterations done (if he needs it), and ensure he looks amazing on your wedding day.

The Groomsmen Fashion Situation Can Actually Be Really Fun

We’re feeling all these things about Indochino, including a MAJOR offer going on RN

  • They make outfitting the guy’s part of the bridal party super easy: all the groom has to do is design his and their perfect looks, add personal touches to the fashion (color coordination with the bride and her girls, unique lapels or monogramming, etc.), keep track of the order and stay organized with their wedding dashboard.

  • Their wedding collection is stacked. From the coolest colored suits to the sharpest-looking tuxedos (pocket squares, cufflinks, and handsome shirts, too), the options grooms have here are endless - plus they’re all affordable, too. The looks can be worn for the wedding and styled for SO many occasions afterward. Cocktail parties, fancy work functions, you name it.

  • And right now, the brand is calling all grooms to enter for a chance to win $2,000 towards their/your dream wedding + an extra $25 off on each suit ordered. 👉This way to win

All your groom has to do to enter is:
  • Provide his first and last name, an email address, wedding date and wedding year

  • Agree to receive some offers and product news via his inbox (with the option to unsubscribe at any time)

  • Click the button to claim that $25 off

The Groomsmen Fashion Situation Can Actually Be Really Fun


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We partnered with Indochino to share one of the best-kept secrets for seriously enviable groomsman style. As always, thank you for supporting our sponsors!

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