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Priyanka Chopra’s BBMAS Gown Was All the Bride Goals

Priyanka Chopra’s BBMA Gown Was All the Bride Goals Photo Credit:

Alright, sooo going to sleep last night, I definitely watched all the Insta videos the J-sisters were posting at the Billboard Music Awards and thought ‘they’re all in Vegas together, something other than a Suckers sing along might just happen.’ And lo and behold, upon waking up, my premonitions had been realized - we had a Jophie wedding.

Now, obvi we’ve gleaned a lot of the hype from TMZ, People, E! News, etc. but I’m still holding out for some day-after posts from Sophie, Joe, or any of the Jonas crew - just confirming that it actually went down, Diplo’s lifestream was legit, and I can steal a little more tea on STJ’s bridal jumpsuit. So, until that pops, I thought I’d go another way and talk about another J-sister. Priyanka, why can't we have your life???? A new Maybach, Nick, Mindy Kaling movie magic in the works, Tiffany & Co. diamonds at a moment’s notice, Danielle+Sophie for seesters? So jeal, so jeal.

We love you, though, and we loveeeeed your Zuhair Murad ensem for last night’s red carpet. This wifey has already done sophisticated, classic, fairytale bride, for several of her weddings, but when she showed up with her perfectly-plaid hubs, she looked every bit the bride again - just, as Nick put it, HOT. Fierceeeee AF, Mrs. Jonas, fierce AF. 

Priyanka Chopra’s BBMA Gown Was All the Bride Goals

Here’s what we’re here for with this look:
  • The Tiffany & Co. diamonds so effortlessly strung around her neck in varying heights/a neck stack, basically (for a sec we thought they were pearls, and then we even wondered if it was part of her gown). So glam.

  • That major plunging neck (not typical for a bride to show off all the boobs, but Pri classes it up; she’s worn a lot of plunge before and what can we say, she just werks).

  • The all-over sequins that give the gown an overall white look, but up close, we get prismatic, holographic sparkle that only a unicorn like herself could deliver.

  • The skinny belt around her waist that just tucks her in and perfects that serious hourglass silhouette.

  • The sleeves, because we never shy away from sleeves and for brides, it’s a mature, superwoman choice to make.

  • And that tulip hem front slit (both Priyanka and Danielle slayed wearing high slits last night, yaaaas ladies).

And here's how it looked on the Zuhair Murad Couture Spring Summer 2019 runway

Priyanka Chopra’s BBMA Gown Was All the Bride Goals Designer:

We haven’t seen a bridal look like this like ever, BUT, we hope brides (who just happen to love Priyanka and every style decision she makes - me, me, meeeee, except for the part of the bride, not a bride anymore) get inspired and start campaigning for confident, sexy, couture to channel for their own days. It definitely translates for a second, reception change-out dress, but it’s equally epic for the after party.

And if we saw a bride own the aisle like Priyanka owned the catwalk (err, carpet), she’d forever have our respect. Not that she wouldn’t already, but tulip skirt, casj cleavage, and all those sequins, effing legend-making 🙌🙌🙌. We’re suckers for you.

Ohhh... and don't forget Zuhair Murad doessss do bridal. So, there's that....  

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