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When the Groom Looks Good, So Do the Pictures

When the Groom Looks Good, So Do the Pictures

Brides be bold. We’ve believed that for a very long time, so when Generation Tux brought a study to our attention that revealed “the #1 thing brides care about most is their wedding photos,” we were like - umm, duh!! If wedding photos aren’t on point, something went really wrong. Of course, when it comes to the photos, ‘so in love’ snaps are great, but how the fashion comes across is 💰💰💰: so, beautiful dresses can’t lose their luster next to baggy, ill-fitting suits or tuxes. That’s why we’re loving Generation Tux, because they don’t make fashion that guys need to “live up to,” instead, they tailor black-tie experiences that are worthy of the special days they’re needed for.

They'll get their GQ getups from Generation Tux.

As a leader in the suit and tuxedo rental industry, GT is seriously questioning the status quo of the traditional, brick-and-mortar rental experience. Their success not only has to do with the exceptional quality of their formal wear, but also how they perceive their customer(s). The brand doesn’t just look at a wedding day as another opportunity for a guy to dress up, they see it as THE day to dress up - an occasion that is once-in-a-lifetime and must be held to the highest standards.

Inspired by their visionary founder, George Zimmer, the Generation Tux tribe prides themselves on being a collective of experienced, open-minded, and forward-thinking fashion lovers, engineering geeks, and digital junkies who understand that when you look great, you feel awesome - and then joy happens.

Sounds lit.

When the Groom Looks Good, So Do the Pictures

What a group of studs! This groom gets it (that great photos come from fashionable people), so we can only imagine what his bride thought when she saw these pics. 🔥😍

But how does everything work for a groom and his guys?

Pretty seamlessly after he decides to go all in on the GT wedding POV.

He’ll design his look. 

Which means looking at swatches (they’re complimentary), touching fabrics (their signature line of suits and tuxes are made with luxe quality Super 130's and 140's Merino Wool - unmatched comfort and phenomenal feel) and seeing how the Generation Tux color skus coordinate with the palettes on his partner’s side. There are thousands of color combinations, accessories, and customizations that a groom can make to really make the fashion feel his own.

He’ll get fit. 

And that doesn’t mean having to go in store and get their inseam inspected with a bunch of other grooms and teenage prom-goers. Instead, Generation Tux grooms just have to answer a few questions about their body profile and the magic of their fit technology+their experts with serious styling chops will find the right fit for them. And if it still doesn’t feel right, they offer a free, at-home try-on. AND YOU KNOW US, WE LOVEEEE A GOOD AT-HOME TRY-ON!!

When the Groom Looks Good, So Do the Pictures

He’ll hook the rest of the handsome squad up.

I’m not a guy, but I knowww that guys hate the process of having to go into a store, get measured, and handle the rentals while the groom barks orders and drops deadlines. My husband was in two weddings in the last 6 months, and I had to PLEAD with him to go get his suit measurements before he racked up all the too-late fees. With Generation Tux, a groom can design a look for his crew and then easily add them to his wedding event. Customer service and the GT styling team will walk them through the entire ordering process AND give the groom full visibility and updates on how the group is getting along. So, yeah, if a few of the boys aren’t getting their s*** done, the groom will know about it - and can kindly kick their asses to get moving!

He’ll lock down a crazy convenient receive & return routine.

The couple days before a wedding are stressful, and not just for the groom, for his guys too - everyone is busy living their lives, working, taking care of families, etc. That’s why GT is a godsend. The groom and his bridal party will receive their orders 14 days before the wedding: plentyyyy of time to try everything on and make sure it’s perfection. If anything isn’t 100p, they’ll expedite FREE replacement garments to the groom, best man, or any of the groomsmen (plus dads, of course!) with no exchanges necessary.

And the drop-off? Yeah, it’s awesome. None of the guys have to make it back to the store, hungover and exhausted, to return their outfits the day after the wedding. All they need to do is place all their pieces back in their GenTux box, stick a prepaid shipping label on the box, and send away. It’s not needed back for 3 business days - so, sleeping off that horrendous hangover can happen, without worry.

The raddest rental situation ever.

“Generation Tux takes customer service seriously! They make sure the whole party is happy, but especially the groom! And I (the groom) got my tux for free!” - Tony, recent groom

He’s telling the truth, too! With 5 or more paid rentals (amongst the groomsmen, fathers, officiant, ushers, etc.), the groom gets his FO FREE 👍

When the Groom Looks Good, So Do the Pictures

Oh! And one last thing… 

Because is there anything hotter than gorgeous men and cute puppies (together)?

We’re going with a no on that. Generation Tux just recently launched a philanthropic partnership with the American Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals (ASPCA). So, when grooms style their look on the website, all they need to do is add a pair of their ASPCA Pup Socks, and $5 from every rental purchase goes directly to the ASPCA. The purchases will help pups and their fur-friends alike get rescued and find their forever homes. Looking good and doing good has never been this easy! #WeddingsforaCause

Soooo, good-looking grooms, great looking photos, happy brides, and even happier pups - sounds like a picture every soon-to-be hubby will want to be part of. Shop the collection now


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We partnered with Generation Tux to share one of the best-kept secrets for seriously enviable groomsman style. As always, thank you for supporting our sponsors!

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