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Neckties from Origin Ties are a Total Nuptials Necessity

Origin Ties

If there’s anything better than a perfectly-dressed bride and groom, it’s a perfectly-coordinated bridal party, And that can only happen when and if the guys get exactly what they want in their wear and can match the girls, flawlessly. Thankfully, Origin Ties can help with creating that candid capture - the one of the wedding party looking positively photogenic. They sponsored this post, so if you didn’t think ties had much to do with tying the knot, then think again…

Once grooms and their guys get fitted for their tuxedos or suits, for them there’s slightly less concern for what comes next. At least, that what my husband told me, when I was gearing up to write this post. The wedding wardrobing happens, and the accessories - shoes, ties, vests, etc. - kind of follow like an afterthought. Guys can appreciate the one-stop-shop experience of getting all their formalwear handed over in one garment bag - suit n tie, dress shirt, shoes, done, done and done. 

But what they usually get out of it - and something that a guy like mine can’t strike from his memory - is an altogether OKAY look: eh-fitting tie, some so-so shoes, and 🤞shade matching to the bridesmaid dresses. Let’s be honest, though, unless you’re doing a basic black and white wedding or something curated with primary colors in mind, you’re kind of SOOL when it comes to walking away with perfectly-planned complementary colors. That’s where Origin Ties takes its mark.

After realizing just how disjointed the necktie industry was, Darren (OT’s founder) joined forces with some of the world’s premium tie manufacturers (the luxe ones turning out ties for top brands like Burberry) and a few friends who were web industry wizards, and decided to do something tie-d-turning - by tying the manufacturers, designers and customers together to eliminate the need for a middleman. And it worked, because everyone in the industry won, and customers are now enjoying 100% premium and silk-made top-notch ties, customized, and offered in colors symphonious with some of the industry’s most-preferred wedding palettes to tie the knot in, at ⅓ traditional pricing.👌


What makes these ties wedding-worthy?

Well, right out the gate, the quality of the ties is exceptional. You won’t see a groom or his crew looking any less-than-perfect while wearing them - nope, clip-on bow ties don’t belong anywhere near a wedding. And if you have a particular palette that you’re trying to stick to for both the girls and guys, then Origin Ties can almost guarantee a copacetic pairing of colors. The brand makes neckties that match the colors and aesthetics of bridal party dresses based on color swatches collected from special occasion powerhouses like David’s Bridal and JJsHouse. So, you can basically send your man shopping with hue clues like “Steel Blue,” “Pewter” or “Portobello” and have a foolproof way to make sure you get what you want.

Also, and this is so cool. Your groom can have his group’s ties customized. There is NO order minimum, so whether he’s the only one who wants something a little special or would prefer the whole squad has a memorable, tailor-made tie, it can be done. And done really well, at that - meaning designed, produced and delivered within 3-4 weeks. Kind of love the idea of having each groomsman’s nickname woven into the back tipping of the 100% silk tie. Or even each of their respective initials, the couple's wedding date, you get the picture (anything can be customized)… Boys can be sweet and sentimental, too, !

And the best part

Because this is by far the most amazing thing about Origin… They will make sure you get the look of luxury at the most reasonable price available. Pretty important, since weddings ain’t cheap. For any and every customer, OT offers a “reprice privilege,” which essentially allows the couples to decide what to pay for the ties, after experiencing them🤯. This prerogative was born from the brand’s belief that the same product has different meaning/value to different customers, individually, so every customer should have the right to decide the price based on the value to him/her. So, if you’re not 100p thrilled with your experience, then you can get cash back up to 40% of the original price you paid for the tie. And if you were completely in love with what you got, or had people paying you compliments left and right, you can pay more - as a nod to the creators! It’s all about impeccable, high-touch customer service and making sure couples get the ties they believe are worth their money.


We partnered with Origin Ties to help you tie together your perfect wedding day ensems. As always, thank you for supporting our sponsors!

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