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This Company Takes the Torture out of Writing Thank Yous

WithThanks Thank You Notes

Raise your hand if thank you notes - in all of their forms/for all of their respective occasions - are/have been the bane of your existence for as long as you can remember? 🙋🏻 It’s pretty much a majority ruling that sitting down to write thank yous is a MAJOR time suck, and quite possibly the only thing that can ruin the bliss of being engaged or [just] happily married. So, when we heard about WithThanks, we couldn’t help but wonder where this angel - who hand writes thank you notes for anyone who has sworn them off (whether because of laziness, embarrassment over the lateness brought on by said laziness, carpal tunnel, sheer lack of patience, or the fact that free time no longer exists in their life) - was all the times we decided ‘eh, these can wait just a little longer.’ WithThanks sponsored this post to give you all an out, when thank yous start to be a ‘no thank you’ situation…


I’ll be real honest, I despise thank you notes. Not because I think it’s unnecessary to express gratitude for every gift I’ve ever gotten, on the contrary, I think it’s paramountly important to give thanks. It just takes me forever to do it, because I end up writing a novel in such a tiny notecard. I’m one of the ones who believes that thank you cards should be above-and-beyond-level personal. Simply saying ‘thank you for the generous gift and sharing in our day’ is just doesn’t do it in my book. So, for me, the meticulousness is the monster; I end up getting embarrassed over how long I’m taking to send out thank yous, and then want nothing to do with them - put them away for a ☔ day and then just forget altogether. It’s a vicious cycle that flat out kills me. For my counterparts, who turn them around hella fast, bravo for getting rid of the weight hanging over your head, but could you have spent just a LITTLE more time on personalizing your prose?

Either way you do it, no one really wins. So being able to outsource your struggle can be such a lifesaver. WithThanks takes your tedious work to task, and you don’t have to feel bad about it, because the company’s founder is pumped to do it!! She’s one of the weirdos who actually loves writing thank yous, and we LOVEEEEE her for it! Taryn, we know it’s a thankless job, but we’re giving you ALL the 👏👏👏

WithThanks Thank You Notes Service

So how do you transfer over the thank you to-dos?

Super easily! All you need to do is fill out a spreadsheet with all the deets Taryn needs to get s*** done. Recipients’ names / nicknames / gifts gotten and special anecdotes or specifics on the people you’re thanking. For example, if you and your S.O. are total winos and your friend or aunt got you a wonderful wine-of-the-month subscription crate, then Taryn should totally have those tidbits to work into her notes. See, if you had any hesitations, remember that you’re the one inspiring the inscriptions! You might not be writing them, but your thoughts certainly count! Then, WithThanks creates customized, handwritten thank yous for all of your guests ((not before getting all the drafts in a Word Document for your ultimate 👍)). And finally, your completed thank you notes are addressed, stamped and mailed out in the most timely manner. You don’t even have to go to the post office, yaaaaas. Another pain point disappears!


What about the stationery and handwriting?

One of the other biggest reasons for my delay in sending out wedding thank yous was that we waited for our photographer to give us photo cards (literally, wallet-sized photos that we inserted into the MOST BASIC thank you template). They were the absolute worst, and we could have moved so much faster if we had just decided to go with pretty stationery - which I happen to be well-versed in. With WithThanks, Taryn will make stationery suggestions based on your style and preferences and source them for you (just by adding the expense, as a fee, onto your total bill). If you have monogrammed stationery of your own, you can use that too! You just need to get it to her - if you’re in NYC, she’ll come get it; everyone else can just 📫 straight to her. Postage to mail everything out is added to the final invoice, and if you have particular postage needs, just say the word, and Taryn will work with you to create or get some stamps that have your taste written all over them.

Oh, and her handwriting is just so on-point. You can request cursive, too, if you’re feeling fancy. I subscribe to a script - always and forever - kind of ideology, but you do you!

WithThanks Thank You Notes Service

A perk to kick off wedding season

If you’re still not over the thank you note stress from your bridal shower, or already want to pour a glass of wine just thinking about your wedding thank yous, then definitely book now with WithThanks. And enjoy 10-percent-off for all services booked before July 31, 2018 ((no, that doesn’t mean your event has to take place before then, you just need to book services prior to that date)). You don’t even have to thank us for it, we’ll just wait for a note in the mail from WithThanks 😉.

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We partnered with WithThanks to share the best and easiest way to say TY after your wedding. As always, thank you for supporting our sponsors!

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