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If the Veil Makes the Bride, Classy Cufflinks Make the Groom

DB Double Barrel Cufflinks

We’re going to make a bold statement RN. Because, yes, the bride is the 🌟 of the day, #sorrynotsorry, but she’s not the only one who needs to glow. Grooms do too. And the tux certainly gets the job done, but so do a perfect pair of cufflinks. We’ll even go so far as to say that once the guy of honor puts a bangin’ pair of cufflinks on for his wedding day, he becomes the groom ((Yes, the wedding band helps. But that’s more of a ‘he became a husband’ moment)). That’s what Double Barrel Cufflinks thinks, at least. And we more-than agree.

DB Cufflinks doesn’t subscribe to the association of ‘novelty’ and ‘cufflinks,’ like at all, and we love that. They’re an Aussie-born family business that specializes in classic and modern cufflinks with style and substance, and they don’t mess around, either. In providing not only stunning cufflinks, but an exceptionally, high-class shopping experience to match, DB Cufflinks is kind of killing it. Eliminating cheap and nasty cufflinks one fake metal motif at a time.

You know how WE know they know their stuff? They’ve got a glossary of 21 different types of classic cufflinks. Not just a few… 21.

DB Double Barrel Cufflinks

What’s even cooler about these guys, is the fact that they truly invest in the fashion focus of the formalwear jewelry. They understand that every groom has particular tastes and they curate all of their cufflinks to complement them. So, they’ll have something to match every ensemble, whether that’s a simple suit and tie, or a totally-tailored tuxedo. They have colorful cufflink sets to coordinate with color stories set by the happy couple. And the groom can wear something refined to match his boys, or go rogue with some sort of rebel dark whisky wood barrel statement.

A classic wedding gift from the bride to her groom

Look, a groom needs to find his vibe when it comes to what he wears for his wedding day. But a bride can come in real clutch with a coordinating pair of wedding cufflinks that shows she knows her husband’s style, but can pick something a little more elevated for the occasion.

A creative way for a groom to gift his guys

We’ve said it sooo many times over, but giving the groomsmen flasks for their ‘thank you’ gift is just way too basic. Going with cufflinks says ‘I’m going to take a risk and go with something fashionable, but I know how my fellas get fancy, and can make a judgment call on what they’ll like.’

DB Double Barrel Cufflinks

A baller buy for a groom to get himself

Going back to that earlier note about a man becoming a groom when he puts on his cufflinks, it’s just like a celebrity going to an award show - once they’re dripping with jewels or rocking that ridiculously-rich wristwatch, word - they’re ready to hit the red carpet. Same deal for a groom about to amble down the aisle. Show us a man who can get himself a sexy pair of cufflinks for his wedding day, and we’ll show you a groom on top of his game.

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