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What On Earth Do You Give As A Wedding Gift? (Husband Edition)

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Why is the person that you know best in the world literally the HARDEST person to shop for?! Shopping for a wedding gift for your soon-to-be hubby is probably the last thing on your mind when you’re wedding planning, but trust us when we say, you’ll want to start shopping early. The best wedding gifts are personalized and customizations take time. Fear not, as always we’re here to lighten the load. Here are 10 gifts that your fave person will love and cherish well into your happily ever after!

Buy him a watch

engraved watch Photo:

Every guy needs a watch. Even if he already has a go-to watch, you can never have too many. There are different types of watches for every situation. sport watches, smart watches, dive watches, dressy watches, casual watches.
Once you find “the one” make sure to get it engraved. Most jewelers offer engraving services (some free of charge!). Get it engraved with a special message or with your wedding date, something that they can look back on and remember your special day.

Buy him his wedding shoes

Christian Louboutin wedding shoes


Gifting your groom something they can wear on their wedding day is always fun because it will forever be sentimental to them. Well, he’s gotta wear shoes, doesn’t he? Whether you go with something unique or something classic like these Louboutin slides, splurge for a pair that he normally wouldn’t treat himself to. Then, add an extra special touch by having your calligrapher write your wedding date or a sweet message on the soles (a hidden detail that only the two of you know is there).

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Buy him a monogrammed tie

monogramed bowtie for wedding gift Photo/Tie: Lindman New York

Chances are your man will be wearing a tie on the big day, so why not surprise him with something more special than the tie that came with his tux rental? Invest in a nice tie that he will be able to wear again and again. Black is always a great option. Then, as an extra special touch, get it embroidered with his monogram. Lindman New York offers custom bowties you can shop them here.

Buy him custom whiskey glasses

custom whiskey glasses Photo/Custom Glasses:

If your man likes a good drink, then your answer is super simple–custom whiskey glasses. Etsy has a ton of great options from custom embossed monograms to the logos for their favorite sports team, you name it.

buy hime an engraved bottle of liquor

engraved whiskey bottle Photo:

Gifting a good bottle of liquor is always a nice touch. It’s something that they can open and enjoy right then and there with their family and friends or they can save it for all of the special occasions to come. Go the extra mile and get your wedding date or a sweet message engraved in the bottle and you’ve got a keepsake that will stick around for long after the last pour. Prestige Decanters offers personalized decanters you can shop them here.

buy him a video game console

play station wedding gift

If your guy is more fun than sentimental, a video game consul is always a crowd-pleaser. Whether it’s a vintage consul as a throwback to when they were young or one of the newer models, most guys love unwinding with a video game after a long day. Best Buy is our go-to for game consoles you can shop them here.

Set up his pre-check & global entry

groom at airport

Your man loves to see the world, so spoil him with the ultimate travel perk, TSA Pre Check and Global Entry! They’ll get to skip the line and spend more time actually enjoying the journey and even more time enjoying the destination. If you have travel plans for your honeymoon, you may as well spoil yourself too while you’re at it. You have our permission ;-)

Get him a pre-wedding massage

pre-wedding massage Photo:

Has work been particularly stressful for them lately? Or maybe they’re anxious about having all eyes on them. Help them take some stress off by booking them a pre-wedding massage. Whether you surprise them with an appointment for the day-of or for the evening before, a little pampering will go a long way to helping them relax.

Gift him concert tickets

night concert

Is music their life? Get them concert tickets to go see their favorite band! Make it cute by picking up the actual tickets at the box office and scoring some swag like a concert tee. Buy verified concert tickets through Ticket Master here.

He'd love a set of AirPods

man holding airpods

Does your man love a run or binge their favorite podcast every chance they get? Then you can’t go wrong with a pair of AirPods. Plus, it just makes it that much easier for them to call you…You can make it extra special by getting them a custom embossed leather carrying case. If you’re feeling really extra, google designer AirPods case and let the splurge begin.

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