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These Special Wedding Cards Give Your Gift Just a Little Something Extra

Lovepop Wedding Congratulations Bouquet Card

You have a wedding coming up, you’ve either already gotten a gift or you’re giving money (either of which will make the couple happy, but it’s money for the win in our book), but you know you still need to get a card. You say you’ll shop for one early, to avoid the last-minute, morning-of-the-wedding, gotta-find-something frenzy, but inevitably, you find yourself roaming the aisles of CVS a few hours before the wedding and wind up grabbing something that’s cute enough (we guess) and calling it a day. How familiar is this scenario? Pretty spot on, right? Yep, we know, because we’re guilty of doing it ourselves. But as the new year is coming up, we’re issuing a challenge to everyone we know: Put in the work, get a super memorable (and gorgeous to look at) card that you think really complements your friend or family members’ upcoming nuptials, and surprise them with a sweet message on the inside that relays a whole lot more than “Happy Wedding Day, Hope it’s great!” Spoiler alert: If you go with Lovepop, you can officially say that you understood the assignment.

The next-level wedding card

We’re stationery snobs here at Wedding Chicks, but it’s a sorry, not sorry kind of thing, because we don’t feel bad about liking the look of pretty, elevated paper. Lovepop’s one-of-a-kind wedding greeting cards take pretty paper to a whole other level, and if you’re gifting the newly married couple with one, we’d be willing to bet they keep it in their wedding day memory box forever.

That special, huh? Yes, they really are. These impossibly-unique handcrafted pop-up cards truly make every occasion, from anniversaries and birthdays to graduations and retirements, feel special and worthy of festive celebration. But a wedding day is an extra special milestone, one that should be hyped as much as possible, and a Lovepop card personalized for the happy couple is just the way to do it.

So, whether you go with a card that says congrats with a huge bottle of uncorked bubbly or a getaway car driving off into the sunset with a loved-up ‘just married’ license plate, you’re sure to be creating a magical moment for the newlyweds. ((Their champagne greeting cards are so fun, they might be our fave)). That’s Lovepop’s mission, by the way—to create 1 BILLION magical moments… and with over 2 million+ weddings happening every year, your thoughtful card purchase will help them get there, for sure.

Card’s cool, but don’t forget the sweet sentiments, too

Lovepop Wedding Getaway Car

Undoubtedly, you’ll make a big impression with a Lovepop card, but the 3D beauty only goes so far—you’ll also need to wow them with a meaningful message. One that says congratulations and best wishes for a lifetime of happiness, but not as basic-ally. Flex your wordsmithing talents and sign your name(s) at the end of an inscription you’re proud of.

Each Lovepop pop-up comes with a blank note/insert you can handwrite your message on and couple with your card. But if you want to add a personalized entry, photo, and a gift card (that the couple can redeem virtually anywhere—through Lovepop’s partnership with Tango Cards), you can do that, too, for just $5 extra. Have it shipped to you to bring to the wedding or have it mailed to the soon-to-be-marrieds ahead of their wedding.

Unique, beautiful, special, and perfect. Good vibes all around.

"I Love practically All of your pop-up cards. Recipients have been amazed by them and thrilled + loved them. There are other cards out there that have pop-ups but yours are the most Unique and beautiful. Thank you!" ~ PL

"Delivered well-packaged; looks top quality and personalized photo reprinted very well. These cards are so special; they elevate any celebration, or just someone’s day." ~ CB

"Love the design of this wedding card. It’s made of a nice weight of cardstock paper, and pops up beautifully. It’s the perfect solution to express personal sentiments to the newlyweds on their Wedding Day." ~TH

Lovepop Wedding Card Card

Spend $20+, get personalization for free

On orders over $20, use our promo code “PERSONALIZEWC” @ checkout for free personalization on any card (not just from the wedding collection) through December 31st.

Follow @Lovepop on IG to see what we mean by that little something extra… you’ll never get a regular wedding card again.

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