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This Is Precisely How You Step Up Your Wedding Gifting Game

This Is Precisely How You Step Up Your Wedding Gifting Game

We’ve always been the ones to say that money (whether in cash or check) makes the best wedding gift. And we don’t really have to explain the reasons, either. Weddings cost a lot, adulting and living out that happily ever after do, too, so adding to the newlyweds’ post-nuptials bank account is a no brainer. That being said, there’s also a connotation with money — in that it can be rather impersonal and, dare we say it, a bit uninspired? So, what do you do when you want to give the couple of the moment something valuable, a sum that they can spend however they wish, but also something that’s meaningful and thoughtful on your part. You check out Tinggly, the team whose mission is to change the culture of gift giving around the world - from gifting material things to gifting experiences. After all, the just-married pair provided an experience for you when they invited and welcomed you to share in their special, once-in-a-lifetime affair: It’s time to return the favor! 

Let’s throw out the old script, shall we? 

This Is Precisely How You Step Up Your Wedding Gifting Game

A rad registry find is fine for the shower, but not for the wedding

Look, we won’t throw any shade on the traditional wedding registry. Yes, couples who have lived together for a while before getting married probably do have all the “home goods” they need. But that doesn’t mean that they can’t level up their living situation when they take the next level in their relationship and get engaged. Kitchen gadgets, bedroom linens, hosting accoutrements, all of them are great and will be well received. However, they’re a lot more expected at the engagement party, the bridal or couples shower. After their wedding, a couple just wants to chill and look forward to the honeymoon (if there is one!) — they probably don’t want to be opening any gifts, accumulating more cardboard boxes in their home, and worrying about where to put said household effects. They already did that a month or two ago and they’re over it. 

Money is magic, for sure, but beyond the practicality - meaning is sort of  👎

This Is Precisely How You Step Up Your Wedding Gifting Game

We’ve all been there, gearing up to attend a wedding and failing to remember that we’ll need to bring a gift (okay, yes, it’s not mandatory, but it’s common guest courtesy). We’ll write out a check that morning and enclose it in a card or we’ll run to the bank en route from the ceremony to the reception — I’m totally guilty of doing it. It doesn’t even matter how close friend/fam member or colleague-like you are to the couple, either. You’re liable to leave the monetary gift to the last minute regardless of your relationship. Beyond that, when you’re in the midst of deciding what amount to give, you’re probably concentrating on a number and whether it’s “enough” or not. Personalization and sentiment don’t really play out here.

Gifts that commemorate the wedding day itself are cute, of course, but gifts that celebrate the start of a brand-new life together are even better

Somehow in the last few decades, we’ve gotten into this “Once the best day ever is over, things just go downhill” mentality. And yes, the post-wedding blues are real, every couple will feel them in some capacity simply because planning a wedding and being in the “spotlight” for the entirety of an engagement is a BFD. That’s why gifts that move past the wedding day and provide fun and enjoyment and a sense of fanfare and festivity for the couple as they embark on this new chapter of life together are 👌 in our minds. Stepping up your gifting game means celebrating the couple’s marriage and commitment to each other for the long haul, not just the wedding event. Whether it’s gifting them with a “Just Because” two-day trip whenever they need a “timeout” from life or finding an experiential romp that they’ll remember forever (because it involves their favorite pastime or activity together. Or maybe even because they would have never ventured out of their comfort zone if not for your urging!). 

Tinggly has a new narrative (we’re already converts…) 

This Is Precisely How You Step Up Your Wedding Gifting Game

Tinggly has created the easiest way to discover the most perfect wedding gift ideas for every happy couple. Imagine Tinggly as the ultimate in wedding gifts, offering multiple choices for any couple to choose the one wedding gift that matters most to them. Tinggly wedding gift ideas offer thousands of incredible experiences for couples who love to travel and discover the world. You give the choice of unique and fun-filled adventures in over 100+ countries worldwide and let the recipients choose the one experience that matches their dreams.

Packed neatly into a box of amazing adventures, experiences, and discoveries, Tinggly wedding gifts are guaranteed to deliver exactly what they promise - stories and memories that will last a lifetime. That means Tinggly lets you give the best wedding gifts not just for now, but for the future. Give stories, not stuff 🤩

This Is Precisely How You Step Up Your Wedding Gifting Game This Is Precisely How You Step Up Your Wedding Gifting Game

  • No expiration dates to worry about ⏰(so even if your friends procrastinate with gift cards on the reg, when they do finally want to make their plans, they won’t hit any roadblocks or red tape)

  • Recipients can choose from 1000+ amazing experiences 🙌

  • Can be used in 100+ countries around the world 🌎

  • All Tinggly gifts benefit the planet ☘️

And so are these happy Tinggly devotees

“I am so excited I found Tinggly! Not only was it super easy to use and had many options, but it's also the best gift! I was looking for something unique to gift my best friend and fiancé for their wedding and a Tinggly two-night stay was perfect!”

“Tinggly is changing the game for gifts! This is the perfect birthday gift and wedding present especially as I enter my 30's and friends' needs change. The flexibility to choose from so many locations and activities is truly fantastic.”

This Is Precisely How You Step Up Your Wedding Gifting Game

One gift box buys an entire collection of experiences for your favorite couple to choose from. So, you have the thought that counts, and they redeem it any way they want. Learn more now! 

And follow Tinggly on IG to see just how much joy your gift will bring the newlyweds (spoiler alert: it's a lottttt)

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