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Tatcha Blotting Paper

geisha blotting papers

Release your inner Geisha. Or give your bridesmaid a little treat on your wedding day.

Tatcha recently sent us over some samples to try and we were overwhelmed by their orate packaging so Amy took a few pictures to share with you how gorgeous Tatcha paper is.

blotting papers

tatcha blotting papers

What is Blotting Paper?
The Geisha. Few women have captured the imagination like this Japanese icon of female beauty. Three hundred years ago, the Geisha discovered that the papers artisans used to pound gold into wafer-thin flakes were the perfect texture to absorb excess oil from the skin without over drying. These women, whose job it was to wear heavy makeup on a daily basis, were able to preserve their flawless complexions by blotting the skin first thing in the morning and after washing their faces in the evening, as well as throughout the day.

Geisha Rituals

tatcha blotting papers

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