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Secrets To Throwing A Glamorous Stress Free Dinner Party

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Have you ever been to a dinner party and wondered, "How does everything look so perfect?" We certainly have! We’ve gathered a few tips and tricks to help you host a stress-free, glamorous dinner party. Whether you're planning a darling bachelorette party or a moody and intimate gathering these 5 easy steps tips to creating a glamorous dinner party will come in handy.

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secrets to throwing a glamorous stress free dinner party secrets to throwing a glamorous stress free dinner party

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Tip #1: Friday night is the new Saturday

Your guests will arrive excited for the weekend, ready to enjoy what you have prepared for them. Bon Appétit goes into great detail on how to use the week to prep, which you can read about.

• Create a menu and shopping list a few days in advance. This will help you stay organized and avoid last-minute stress.

• Do as much preparation as possible the day before. Chop vegetables, marinate meats, and set the table ahead of time.

• Choose recipes that are delicious but not overly complicated. Opt for dishes that can be prepared in advance and just need to be finished or reheated before serving.

Let's talk about why Friday night is the new Saturday! Inviting guests for a later dinner after work on Friday sets the perfect tone for the weekend.

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Tip #2: Set the table the night before

Along the lines of stress-free entertaining, we recommend setting the table the night before. This is such a great tip from The Kitchn. Putting the table together the day before, or the morning of the party gives you one less thing to do.

Another great tip is to pull out all of your serving trays, cocktail glasses, and anything else you will be using a few days prior to ensure that it is cleaned and pretty.

You can also prep your escort card/favors a few nights before. We used our printable escort cards to make these cute place cards. Guests love when they get home with a full belly and a little treat.

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Tip #3: Curate your inventory

More than likely, if you are reading this, you're prepping to get married. Take this opportunity to think about how you see yourself entertaining.

If you love to cook and have your friends over, then registering for items that you will use for entertaining should definitely be happening. You are in the greatest position ever. You are able to curate and create your inventory before the party has even happened.

Another great tip - you can easily prep your appetizers the night before. Keep them in the fridge for your party. Our key to a good cheese plate is to keep it simple and represent all the colors of the rainbow. Trust us, it just tastes better when it looks pretty.

cheese platter cheese platter

cheese platter

Tip #4: Pre-buy dessert

Shhhh....nobody will ever know your secret. We bought a white chocolate raspberry Nothing Bundt Cake. It was beyond delicious. We also served Madeleines with fresh berries and whipped cream, and of course, coffee. The whole dessert set up took around 5 minutes to put together.

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Tip #5: Close out the evening in style

After everyone has had their fill of beautiful food and tasty treats, be sure to close the night out with a toast. It not only gives your guests a chance to thank you for hosting such a lovely event, but it wraps everything up beautifully.

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