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Bach in the Saddle – Western Bachelorette Themed Party

Bachelorette Wedding Invitation

Throw on your cowgirl boots and a sparkly jacket, and get ready to attend the cutest bachelorette party you've ever seen. This western-themed celebration, "Bach in the Saddle," was designed by event designer Olive & Grace, specialty wedding rentals and floral design experts Stockroom Picks, and a handful of ultra-stylish San Joaquin Valley wedding vendors. Including Taylor, California wedding photographer, Oh Lovely Photography.

The Darling Hotel hosted this swanky pool party. A boutique hotel in Visalia, California, near Sequoia National Park. The answer is, "Yes," they do host weddings here. The pool terrace was packed with bright bubble gum pink details paired with disco balls, custom acrylic signs, and giant marquee letters. We're obsessed with the entire day. Here are just a few of the fancy finds you're going to stumble upon as your scroll down.

- Bounce house
- Balloons - you can never have enough!
- Punchy floral designs (abso-freaking-lutely!)
- Styled Photo Booth
- Bangin' Bar Setup - with signature cocktails
- Custom marquee letters
- A lounge fit for Miss Dolly Parton herself
- Dinner, dranks & (most importantly) so many cakes

Pool Side Bachelorette party

Acrylic Wedding Sign

Bridesmaid Getting Ready Photo ideas Bridal Pajamas

western themed photo booth with props

western themed photo booth with props western themed photo booth with props

western themed photo booth with props

hanging floral arrangement

grown up bounce house with balloon arch grown up bounce house with balloon arch

grown up bounce house with balloon arch

Bachelorette Outfit Ideas

Bachelorette Outfit Ideas Bachelorette Outfit Ideas

Pink Table Decor Set Up

A Disco Bubble Gum Pink Luncheon

This poolside luncheon brings all the dancing vibes. The pink-themed table was adorned with sparkly disco balls, and each table setting had a pair of gift gold-rimmed heart-shaped sunglasses.

Jacks Catering prepared the perfect meal for a western-themed bachelorette party - a BBQ. The food looked delicious. You can see more of their luncheon in the full gallery here.

Discoball floral arrangement

pink and gold table setting BachStyledShoot-310

Custom Acrylic Signs

Look above at the cute cowgirl custom acrylic signs designed by Ivory Rose Creative. Each of the guests was gifted a personalized sign. I would keep something like this forever.

Bubble Gum table decor

western themed menu for bachelorette party 56bachlorettepartyideas

Reception lounge ideas with balloon arch

A lounge fit for Miss Dolly Parton herself

Disco balls were scattered underneath the table, and a couch was set up for the ladies to relax Behind the cozy couch were delectable sweets from With Love Lacey and the cutest cakes from The Baking Barn. Of course, they were adorned with disco balls. One had Miss Dolly's beautiful face on it.

Dolly Parton Wedding Cake

bachelorette party cake ideas 6bachlorettepartyideas

Cowboy Cake Topper

Mrs. Bachelorette Style Cake Bach in The Saddle Marquee Lights

Fun Bachelorette Style Cakes

Bachelorette Party Ideas

Pink and gold styled bar

Bangin' Bar Setup

A custom bar was dressed up with iridescent tassels, stunning floral arrangements and a signature party sign, "One Bach Short of a 12 pack.
To keep the disco ball theme rolling, you can see them scattered throughout the design of the custom bar. Look closely, the right-hand side floral arrangement even had a disco themed vessel. It is little details like these that top-notch event designers do not miss.

Pink and gold styled bar acrylic signature drink sign

Signature Cocktail Acrylic Signs

Actin single drinkin' doubles was etched into the disco ball bar sign and a red cowgirl boot acrylic sign that sat at the bar. The sign showcased the signature cocktails for a Bachelorette party.
The Jolene - Whisky straight
Border Town Buzz - Topo Chico, Tequila, and Lime
Blown' Smore- Mezccal, Blood Orange, Lime Juice, and Topo Chico
The ladies sipped their signature cocktails from stylish vintage barware by Stockroom Picks.

Fall Floral Arrangement.

Bachelorette Party Outfits

Custom bar designed for bachelorette party Signature cocktails for Bachelorette Party

Fun Bachlorette Party Ideas

Styled Bar

Bachelorette party ideas Bachelorette party ideas

Bachelorette party ideas

Want a day like this too?

Well, who wouldn't? Stockroom Picks can make all of the above happen for you. They are a specialty rental and floral design company with a curated collection of one-of-a-kind furniture pieces, farm tables, small details decor, and so much more. The Stockroom is in Fresno, California, but these ladies will happily blaze trails throughout California.

This mother-daughter trio is passionate about picking through antique, vintage, and modern sources to provide picks for the brassiest bridal showers, punchiest weddings, and all-around rad events.

They love to see their pieces livin' up your big day, whatever style strikes your fancy. All the florals you saw above were designed by their floral design branch. These ladies are experts in using organic materials and unique elements to create one-of-a-kind pieces.

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