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We Love These Brands Who Have Masks You Won’t Mind Wearing

We Love These Brands That Have Masks You Won’t Mind Wearing

I’ll be the first to say that the CDC suggestions about mask-wearing, as of late, have put me on edge. It feels like a whole new world when you’re walking around at a flower shop, going to get gas, or simply enjoying some downtime outdoors and get smacked with the realization that everyone is just living their lives now - behind masks. My three-year-old has absorbed ‘coronavirus’ and ‘social distancing’ into his vocabulary, and, as surreal as it is, I guess I just feel relieved knowing that he isn’t afraid to go outside. He isn’t [too] confused or overwhelmed by the uncertainty that awaits us all in the morning. He’s just a kid, and he’s living his best life.

For me, though, the mask thing feels strange and uncharted. As grateful as I am that I don’t have to wear masks to do my job every day (I literally have the most insane respect for my soon-to-be-nurse-practitioner sister and all the nurses, doctors, and front-line heroes crushing this COVID nightmare on the daily), I really haven’t enjoyed going out into public while wearing one. I absolutely want to protect my babies and my husband, I absolutely want to protect myself (as someone with Type 1 diabetes), and I absolutely want to protect my loved ones, friends, and neighbors, so I heed the CDC recommendations whole-heartedly. It’s just scary, and tbh, it doesn’t feel comfortable. I don’t blame my toddler whatsoever for crying and ripping his off when we went to his three-year well visit last month. I wanted to do the same with my own blue rippled surgical mask, but kept a brave face (well, who would know?) #becausegrownupsgottaberolemodels.

We Love These Brands That Have Masks You Won’t Mind Wearing

Well, last week, I saw Plum Pretty Sugar post about their own printed masks on Instagram, and I immediately told my husband, “babe, I’m ordering a few,” which I did. The fear, the phobia I’ve developed for this sterile-looking fashion ‘of the moment,’ needs to go away, especially because none of us have a clue about when this’ll all be over.

So, for anyone who’s feeling sames with me, we’ve rounded up a few of our favorite brands with masks available for purchase rn.

Just a few caveats to keep in mind

Before thinking these will veil the virus completely, because that’s just not true.

😷 the masks are non-medical; surgical and N95 respirators continue to be prioritized for healthcare workers only

😷 the masks do not prevent coronavirus; rather, they help to slow the spread of the illness (especially with regard to people who may be carrying the virus or may be infected but asymptomatic)

😷 the masks are not endorsed by the FDA.

You can absolutely make your own cloth masks (in fact, maybe we’ll write about that next week!); I’m just not blessed with the fashion design gene, I trust the experts on this one! 👇

Note, too, since these masks are high-demand items, these companies may sell out or shift their purchase process to pre-order.

instagram post

Monika Knutsson The Gilded Lace Collection

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Plum Pretty Sugar 

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Claire Pettibone The Love Mask Collection

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Katie May AMAYZing Mask Collection

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Kenny Flowers

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