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This Boise-Based Bakery Makes the Most Heavenly Macarons

This Boise-Based Bakery Makes the Most Heavenly Macarons

Okay, so truth RN, maybe we should have tasked another one of our writers with this story - because I am beyond biased, but macarons are one of the greatest things in life. And when I had to choose the favors for my wedding six years ago, there was only ever one consideration in my mind: macarons. These gorgeous and super delicate desserts are even more on brand with a bride than wedding cake is. Yes, that’s what I said, macarons feel more bride than wedding cake… just let that sink in for sec. In any case, we tapped a macaron mastermind and her team at Sweet Alibi Bakery, and they gave us a few things to chew on when it comes to wedding desserts.

And where were you when you were supposed to be WFH?

Netflix and day drinking… nah! Only kidding 😉 This time I actually have an alibi… ordering mouth-watering macarons, because my quarantine snack game has gotten way too basic. Sweet Alibi is actually one of our neighbors in Boise, ID! But just a few days ago, they announced that they’re now shipping nationwide… TG! So, you’ll want to get on that right away if you’re craving these confections outside of the City of Trees.

Why are macarons even more magnifique for brides? 

Well, let’s break it down. Or build it up… #thattowertho

This Boise-Based Bakery Makes the Most Heavenly Macarons

They’re always elevated. 

Going back to that earlier point about macarons being even more bride than wedding cake, this is what we mean. Macarons just feel fancy and festive, they’re uplifting, and essentially, they ‘look the part’ for an event that translates into love and milestone-making.

They’re so versatile.

Weddings are a beautiful occasion, so they deserve equally-stunning sweets. And what’s great about macarons is that they’re always beautiful, but they can be tailored (with a kaleidoscopic range of food colorings, infinitely-flavored fillings, and decorative dustings for high-impact effect) to any pre or post wedding celebration.

This Boise-Based Bakery Makes the Most Heavenly Macarons

A lemon lavender and rose tower for your bridal shower? Something matte black and gold-flecked for your bachelorette? A darling duo of harmonizing or competing (hey opposites attract!) flavors for your wedding favors? The dessert that can do ALL the things!

They’re light and prone to a little less guilt. 

Sure, any dessert can feel heavy if you eat enough of it, but these elegant treats get points for their floating-down-the-aisle style airiness. Sweet Alibi’s recipes are naturally gluten-free, made by hand, with no preservatives or artificial flavorings, baked with almond flour, and mixed with mostly locally-sourced ingredients including eggs, lavender, and honey. How many times have you heard, as a bride, that calories from wedding desserts/tastings don’t count?

Well, we can get behind that BS just a litttttle bit more with macarons. Hah.

These brides get the **very pretty** picture

"What can I tell you about these macarons? If you eat them, you will know. You don’t even have to listen to me. These macarons are delicate, yet chewy. They defy the laws of gravity. I don’t know how Krissy does it. They are magical. Her flavors are bold and creative. The honey one she does. *shivers* (Soooo gooood) But don’t worry: her rose and lavender macaron… they are amazing. And I don’t even like those flavors. Really. I usually think they taste like soap. Krissy’s don’t. These are desserts made with love. Eat these and be filled with love.”

This Boise-Based Bakery Makes the Most Heavenly Macarons

“The macaron tower at my bridal shower was amazing! Everyone loved the elegant presentation and the different fruity flavors in my wedding colors! They were light and delicious - the perfect dessert that no one could resist.”

Consider this our quarantine present to you! 

Because we’re going through something tough right now! Get 10 percent off your order if you mention this post, so get in touch and see the custom flavors and designs the SAB team can create for your special day!


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We partnered with Sweet Alibi Bakery to share their delicious non-cake baked goods for all your pre, during, and post wedding events. As always, thank you for supporting our sponsors!

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