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The Jonas Brothers Are Back and Their Ladies Love It

The Jonas Brothers Are Back and Their Ladies Love It Photo from:

Sooo, there’s been a ton of Jonas Brothers news in the last 8 months (mostly engagement/wedding/marriage-related), but the biggggest and most exciting, IOO, was this morning’s social media ambush to officially announce their return to boy bandhood. And I have to say, I got pretty tingly inside. Like, had to compose myself, because I went from playing Duplos with my two-year-old to beltingggg out the “Year 3000” in a matter of minutes. No lie, by bedtime tonight, my little boy was literally saying “great great great granddaughter… doing fine.” He’s two.

I’ve always loved these guys, and am so happy that they’re doing something squad-ish again, because there is total strength in numbers (not to say that they don’t slay solo, but they’ve all glow-n up 👌👌👌 since their early days, and three studs are better than one. Always). And now that their extended squad - fam bam + wifey wolf pack - is getting bigger every day, there will always be a huge contingency of supporters in their corner. As there should be!

Danielle, Sophie, and Priyanka all got behind their boys this morning, posting the same cover art post of the Jonas Brothers’ new single “Sucker,” and various iterations of the same sentiment: that they’re effing psyched about this reboot and so proud of their respective ride or dies. Now, obvi, when you’ve got status and followership on par with your S.O. it only makes sense to capitalize on it. Promotion opportunities are a family affair right up there with any of the Kardashians and their siblings. But all this support seemed ultra genuine, honest, and like they were beyond impressed with their other half’s new project.

This is why we love them.

Amongst the three of them, Danielle, Sophie, and Priyanka, they pulled close to 2.4 million likes and nearly 20K comments from fans and followers who might actually stay up until midnight tonight to watch the “Sucker” video (even after a whole Thursday night TV lineup #bestoftheweek).

Social media can be a scary, scary thing for relationships, but the Jonas crew makes it all look reallllly easy to navigate. Like no S.O.S. needed, ever.

Because there’s mutual crushing going on, all the time. 

Kevin and Danielle, Joe and Sophie, Nick and Priyanka, they’re always posting things about how much they adore/admire/lust after their lover. And it’s not just one way, either. I remember when I was first going out with my husband, back in high school, I used to get soooo upset when I would post things on social media or AIM (yes, AOL Instant Messenger) about loving my BF SOOO much and felt like he would never reciprocate. I was 18 years old, and stupid, of course, but it still made me have feels. Not to say that you need to gush about your guy or girl all the time, you don’t (and truly, it’s no one’s business anyway), but gassing them up a little bit every once and awhile - is flattering, it makes a person feel good+loved.

The Jonas Brothers Are Back and Their Ladies Love It Photo from:

Because it doesn’t feel forced. 

Yah, all three JoBro groupies (meant in the loving-est way possible) posted the same thing on Instagram, but it still never seemed like it was forced or like they were paid to do it (eh, maybe in the bedroom, later, but we’ll leave that for another day….). Their captions were all different, all super supportive, and fangirly in their own rights. From Danielle saying “the boys are back in town” with eight exclamation marks to follow, to Sophie simply saying “they’re back baby,” to Priyanka hyping up the hotness factor of this epic regroup, right before sharing how “proud” she is “of the family.”

The Jonas Brothers Are Back and Their Ladies Love It Photo from:

Because they’re no different on social media than they are IRL. 

And by that, we mean that they are as flirty on social media as they are in the real world. Priyanka and Nick are alwayssss commenting on each other’s pictures with limitless amounts of emojis that show what they’re actually thinking (in most cases, it’s always about how each of them feels like the luckiest person on the planet to be with the other), Danielle and Kevin are samesies, dropping little “I love yous” here and there on each other’s feeds, because you can imagine them doing the same at home, and Sophie and Joe are perpetually posting pics of their pursuits/vacays, etc. with each other, be it in Switzerland or Paris, just being in love and loving life. Happy couples do these things - they do lifeeee together!

The Jonas Brothers Are Back and Their Ladies Love It Photo from:

Now according to sundry sources, all three ladies may be making debuts in the new music video. We’ll have to wait a few more hours to see if that’s true, but if so, it just further reiterates how amazing the JoBro relationships really are. There’s mutual support, respect, love, and loyalty here, and they show us on the daily!!! 

**Front page photo courtesy of Nick Jonas.

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