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Happy Couples Do These Things

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Most couples aren't just magically happy in their relationships. It takes work. Thanks in part to social media platforms like Facebook and Instagram, there's a skewed perception of what a relationship looks like in reality. These platforms are amazing in so many ways, but this part about them sucks. We've all felt the pang of sadness seeing what we perceive to be a perfect couple. We compare others' displays of love and affection to our own situation. Hopefully, everyone is well aware that a photo tells the story you want to hear.

Happy couples do these things

It really doesn't take much to be happy, you just have to be open to it. The ideas I'm offering up are all really quite simple. They don't require money or gifts or anything like that and you can do ALL of them today with very little effort. Happy coupling! 

They Communicate

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Happy couples communicate so their expectations are met. Try using these conversation starters to better communicate your needs.

I feel ...
I need ...
I want ...

Can You Communicate Your Needs and Wants in Your Relationship?

They Show Appreciation

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Happy couples appreciate each other. Appreciation is a wonderful feeling and sometimes we neglect to tell our partner because we assume they already know how much we appreciate them. Recognizing that you appreciate your partner will motivate them to keep doing their best.

They Eat Together

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Happy couples eat together. Food is sexy, fun and social. Some people show love through cooking and serving their partners (both sexes). So cook together, eat together in or out, get take out ... whatever. Just spend that time together.

They Sleep Together

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I mean in the literal sense. Go to bed together as often as you can. Share that time, it's probably one of the most intimate moments of the day you'll have together. It's a great time to relax, communicate, feel safe being vulnerable and well ... you can take it from there.

They Have Friends

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Happy couples have healthy relationships with friends. We need friends to spend time with as a couple. We also need to spend time with friends without our partner. We all need friends in our life. Isolation is yucky. Don't do it. It's also important to find a balance of friend time to couple time.

They Share Work

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Happy couples share the work and the chores. Chores have absolutely no gender assignment. Chores are gender neutral. Everyone needs to do their part. Sharing these responsibilities makes everyone feel so good.

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