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With AW Bridal Gowns, You Can Have It All

Affordable wedding dress

They say marriage is all about compromise, and if that’s true, then shopping for your wedding dress is your first lesson. With inflation going through the roof and dress prices higher than ever, it can feel like you have to choose between the dress of your dreams and living with the financial consequences or settling for something that is “close enough” and not being 100% happy. Well good news babes, settle no more! We found a bridal line that gives you taste, fit, and customization all within an insanely reasonable price point (so insane we literally had to do a double take to make sure we were reading the prices correctly!)–Meet AW Bridal.


Affordable wedding dress

Yeah, they’re gorgeous–and trust us, this is no bait and switch. We’ve actually featured many an AW Bridal gown on Wedding Chicks, we just had no idea how affordable they were! So let’s get down to it, what do these babies actually cost? AW Bridal has gowns starting at just $99.99! And we know what you’re thinking, “Ok, that’s what they start at, but what’s the top of the line?” Well, you’ll be happy to know that their most expensive gown comes in at a whopping $699.99! So, probably for the first time in your wedding planning journey, don’t even bother looking at the price tag, fall in love with the gown you want knowing that no matter what…it’s in your budget. Heck, get yourself a second look and maybe an exit look while you’re at it!


AW Bridal

has a soft feminine aesthetic that we’re all about. If you’re adventurous, they have some fun trendy dresses that will give your wedding look that fashion-forward edge you’re craving. Or, if you’re more timeless in your style, they’ve got a ton of gowns that exude that classic bridal look.


Affordable wedding dress

From the unique lace and corseted bodice to the super on-trend square neckline, the Lucine gown hits all the marks.


Affordable wedding dress

For all of you princess-core babes out there, this one is for you! The giant puff sleeves, the adorable mini-skirt–everyone will know exactly who the main character is at your wedding, period.


Affordable wedding dress

If you’re a boho girl, this is your gown! The cut is beautiful and the latticework lace hugs in all the right places giving you that perfect body-con fit.


As if the great prices weren’t enough, they offer free custom sizing. Alterations add up fast and can cost hundreds and hundreds of dollars. With AW Bridal, you get a dress that fits you, hem length and all…all for the same low price!


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