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The Secret To A Sustainable Wedding Is This Compostable Tableware

Sustainable Wedding Ideas

When it comes to weddings, there is nothing more on trend than sustainability. From opting for rings made with recycled metals to renting live plants in place of cut flowers, couples are coming up with more and more ways to make their wedding more eco-friendly and reduce the carbon footprint of this one-day affair. But, we bet you can’t guess what the secret to a truly sustainable wedding is–compostable tableware. Yes, it exists and yes, it’s actually cute! Meet Repurpose , the brand that’s changing the way the world thinks of single-use tableware.

Let’s Talk Logistics

Sustainable Wedding Ideas

Weddings require a heck of a lot of tableware, from glasses and plates to cutlery. Think of the hors d'oeuvres, the toasts, the cocktail hour. And many venues don’t have a washing station, so you need to rent enough for each guest to have multiple servings, be it food or drinks. Then, think of the amount of water, gas, and electricity used to transport, wash, and dry all of that, not to mention the cost of the rentals and the labor itself. Now imagine a world where you can offer your guests as many servings or pours as you’d like, where they don’t need to keep track of their glass, and it’s all guilt free because all of the tableware is compostable. All of their tableware is non-toxic and made from plants, enabling them to break down completely in a matter of months without releasing any harmful chemicals back into the environment.

Sustainable Wedding Ideas

But What Does It Look Like?

Sustainable Wedding Ideas

Forget your grandma’s utilitarian single-use tableware and solo cups, there’s a new player in town. These glasses and plates not only look great, but because you’ll be doing your part to help Mother Earth, they feel even better. Their compostable stemless wine glasses and cocktail glasses have a modern rounded design so you feel like you’re getting the full experience–presentation and all.

Sustainable Wedding Ideas

Sustainable Wedding Ideas

Their square plate design is also a fun way to add some visual interest to your tablescape while the matte white cutlery gets the job done without stealing attention from the rest of your decor. Even if you go with traditional china for your place settings, single-use cake plates are a must, and  Repurpose has you covered there too! 

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Plus, your wallet will thank you too! Did you know that renting glassware can cost around $1.50 per glass? And you’ll need water glasses, cocktail glasses, and wine glasses, and don’t forget, you’ll need multiple glasses per person. That all adds up pretty fast! With Repurpose  you get 50 compostable wine glasses for just $15.99  and 50 compostable cocktail glasses for $13.99 , that’s less than $0.32 per glass!

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We partnered with  Repurpose  to bring you this sustainable wedding hack. As always, thanks for supporting our sponsors!

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