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Old Fashioned Blue Wedding

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A charming day filled with classic wedding elements and put together by friends and family of the bride and groom; these are only some of the reasons why we fell so sweetly in love with this old fashioned blue wedding.
We would love to show you more of this beautiful event, photographed by Allison Harp, so please stop by the full gallery here for even more heartwarming details.

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Don't be afraid of sample sales

If you have ever seen a sample sale on TV, you have this vision of bridezillas tearing through the store, ripping out each other's hair to get their perfect dress and the perfect price.

However, that is really not always the case. We went to a sweet little store in Fort Worth, Texas at the opening hour of their sample sale and, though a little busier than a normal Sunday morning, it was perfectly civil and lovely.

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Try on everything

Try on whatever your mom (or whoever your trusted shopping companion is) suggests. You truly will never know until you try it on whether or not you like it. Maybe I am just lucky and my mom has good taste, but I think it is worth having an open mind.

The worst that can happen is that you look at it when you try it on and have a good laugh (which we did with plenty of dresses). The best that can happen is that you score a $2,000+ designer dress for $200 (which we did with my dress!).

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An Old Fashioned Wedding

It was an old fashioned wedding to be sure – everyone pitching in to make it beautiful and make it true to us. Every part of the day was touched by someone we love. Every decoration, every piece of cake, every flower carried, every note played – all were made and given to us with love from our family.

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A Cozy Wedding Venue

Though it wasn’t our own, Overbrook House offered the feeling of being at home. Intimate, simple, comfortable, and with an overwhelming beauty, it gave us a place to be completely at ease and to celebrate with our loved ones.

We played games, we ran around barefoot, we ate copious amounts of lobster, we danced in the dance hall to the beats of our favorite swing tunes. We felt at home as we started our new life together.

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