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Now We Want a Wedding Secretary, Thanks Meghan Markle!


Meghan Markle Royal Aide Photo:

Okay, everyone, let’s check the calendar for a second. It’s February 20th (GTFO!!!!). That means that three months from today, the royal wedding will be over, and we’ll all know what Meghan Markle wore to marry her Prince, exactly what kind of carriage ride they took around Windsor, whether Prince William did, in fact, fill in as Best Man, and hopefully as many other details as we can get to appropriately stalk this over-the-top occasion. We’re ready, and it seems like Kensington Palace is getting ready too. As of Monday, Meghan Markle is now rolling with her own royal aide - former Kensington Palace press officer, Amy Pickerill. Of course, as a celebrity, Megs has had publicists, managers, agents, throughout her career. But now that she’s closer than ever to her royal status, she needs a right-hand woman to handle her social diary, correspondences, and numerous official outings she has on the docket throughout the rest of her engagement.

And now, we all wish we were royal. Yes, any bride to be can work with an amazing wedding planner to get her wedding in tip-top shape: handling all of the invitations/RSVP tallying, facilitating vendor communication, scheduling dress fittings / menu + cake tastings, you name it. But what about all of the other stuff? The meltdowns, the cold feet, the b**** fits, you know, those things that a bride usually relies on her Maid of Honor or bridesmaids for. Well, yes, members of the girl squad know what they’re signing up for, when they accept the bride’s ask to be part of the bridal party, but not everyone is well equipped to tackle the throes of wedding planning all day, every day.

Why You Might Need Your Own Wedding Royal AidePhoto:

So, we thought we’d call out some reasons why appointing your own ‘royal aide’ might be everything when you’re planning your own wedding. And when we say royal aide, we mean someone apart from your MOH - who will obviously be invited to your wedding, but might not be in the bridal party.

  1. If a wedding planner isn’t in your budget, and you’re not the world’s most organized bride, you might need someone to handle your wedding timeline - create deadlines for when payments are due/send calendar reminders for vendor appointments

  2. You might need someone to curb your bride-zilla behaviors or preserve your image. As in, maybe you want to post countless rants on social media about how much planning sucks or how x,y,z vendors are getting on your nerves, or how you can’t handle one of your frenemies planning their engagement party the same day as yours. Like a publicist, your own right-hand helper can make sure you keep your composure and don’t do something you’ll regret

  3. Have a friend who is annoyingly articulate, ridiculously punctual, and well-versed in etiquette? Enlist her (or him) to help you with engagement, shower, wedding thank yous. Although I am quite verbose (in the best ways!), I could have definitely used my own secretary when it came to writing my wedding thank yous.

  4. When you need someone to be a sounding board for your wedding ideas/fancies, sometimes having an outside perspective - someone with great taste and decorum - is all you need. You might need to distance yourself from the critiques/opinions of those closest to you, so having a nonpartisan confidant is key!

  5. You’re going to need a delegator. MOHs can get big heads when they’re appointed HBIC, so having someone who can jump in and dispense tasks to everyone - all to make things run smoother for your wedding day - is beyond helpful. Your girls might even need a ghostwriter for their speeches.

  6. Having someone who will calm your nerves, maybe even keep you well boozed-up (but still classy and put together) is always appreciated.

  7. When the wedding is over, your friends and wedding planner may need a long, relaxing break. Having someone you can count on to come with you to the DMV to change your last name 🙌🙌🙌

Why You Might Need Your Own Wedding Royal Aisle Photo:

Umm now where can we find our own royal aide? Sign us up!

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