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Butterfly Wedding Ideas That Make Our Hearts Flutter


Butterfly Wedding Ideas That Make Our Hearts Flutter
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Confession time: we loveee a good celebrity anniversary shout out (especially since this year has just been the worstttt, these little love reminders give us GOOD feels). So, our hearts got all fluttery when we saw Jessica Simpson offered one of the sweetest sentiments we've seen in a while to her hubby of six years, Eric Johnson. She shared a photo of the two together with her rockin' anniversary gift, and wasn't shy about how much her "perfect soulmate" meant to her. #thatcrystalbutterflyflo, arewerite??!

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Of course, we could talk about amethyst gemstone anniversary gifts (which marks six years married), but LBH, the 🦋  is the real draw here... Not only has the butterfly trend been taking flight this spring and summer season, because it's super pretty, it’s also pretty symbolic, too. In Chinese culture, two butterflies flying together represents love 😍. So, a day that is decorated with buckets full of butterflies must mean a whole lot of love.

It doesn’t have to be a huge metamorphosis either. If you like butterflies, then building them into your big day doesn’t have to be a big undertaking. Actually, if you can do it with little things that are subtle and sophisticated, that’s the best way to go. Already planning for a garden party wedding or one in a beautiful botanical environment helps, too! The butterflies are just so much at home. 

Here are a few ways we’d work the whimsy into a wedding, but if you have other ideas, then by all means, spread your creative wings and fly… fly… fly!!!

Create a moment with flowers

Ponce Denis, a French poet, once said that butterflies were flying flowers and flowers were tethered butterflies. 🤯 Pretty astute, right? Well, the fact that butterflies and flowers play so well together makes it easy to adorn centerpieces with floating butterflies - and bouquets can be interspersed with small silk butterflies to create a just-landed look. Pretty magical!

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if you can't do something aerial, bring the butterflies down to earth
Have your florist fix some butterflies into your floral chandeliers above the dance floor, work with them to create a gorgeous floating butterfly backdrop, or even have them add some life-like butterflies onto a living flower wall. And if that's not doable, then bring the winged-wonderful into your fashion, for a totally-ethereal ensemble. 

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Infuse your food and drink with flapping appliqué

Flutes of champagne or signature sips are begging for butterfly rims, just like wedding cakes or petit fours can do with some colorful butterfly toppers. It can be done stunningly with artful plate settings and tablescaping, too! 

Butterfly Wedding Ideas That Make Our Hearts FlutterPhoto Credit:

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Or do something like this 😍

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