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Amy Schumer’s Wedding Looks: For All Who Want to Know


Amy Schumer February 2018 Wedding in MalibuPhoto:

So, not sure about everyone else, but I can’t believe that Amy Schumer is officially off the market! It hassss to come from me having watched Trainwreck lowkey 300 times. Her character is just archetypal and chronically bachelorette-ish, that it’s hard to differentiate Amy Townsend from her real-life, offscreen persona. Amy Schumer IRL is obvi up for marriage and can get down with PDA, I LOVE YOUs and long-term commitments. And we are so excited about it.

Despite the fact that we really just learned about Amy and her new hubby’s relationship a few months ago, it seems like these two have electric chemistry. Of course, we’re big fans of couples getting to know each other and getting in those big discussions before tying the knot - but if you feel that spark pretty instantly and can comfortably cast off any feelings of doubt about the future, then why not get married?! Sometimes the best decisions are the ones that we don’t have time to overthink about.

Amy Schumer February 2018 Wedding in MalibuPhoto:

Anyway, according to Us Weekly, Amy and Chris [Fischer] got married on Tuesday, the 13th, at a rented house in Malibu. And from everything we know already - plucked from a variety of sources (specifically, E! News) and photographed by Rob & Lindsay Weddings - it was everything a wedding with Amy Schumer as the bride should be. A-listers like Jennifer Aniston and Jennifer Lawrence were in attendance, A and C exchanged personal vows that apparently had their guests giggling like crazy, comedian friend, John Early, officiated the vows, while dressed in drag, Amy and her father (who suffers from multiple sclerosis) danced to Pearl Jam’s “Elderly Woman Behind the Counter in a Small Town,” and the party was lit from start to finish.

And our favorite parts, aside from Amy’s close friend and fellow comedienne, Bridget Everett singing their first dance song (ABSOLUTELY LOVE THIS PERSONAL CONTRIBUTION BY A FRIEND), were obvi the fashion choices. 

Amy Schumer February 2018 Wedding in MalibuPhoto:

Amy looked phenomenal, wearing a stunning $5,490 Monique Lhuillier Severine Chantilly Lace & Tulle Gown, which you can find on special order from Nordstrom’s in-store Wedding Suites. She totally leaned into the basic bride role… something that Trainwreck Amy would be scared s***less of… but she pulled it off flawlessly. Anastasia Steele, BTFU.

Jennifer Lawrence Hollywood Reporter Women in Entertainment BreakfastPhoto:

And her favorite gal pal, J.Law, was gorgeous too. As always. She showed up to Ames’ day in a fiercely feminine, flamingo pink Philosophy di Lorenzo Serafini dress with a raised strip collar, pleated design and a banded waist. She’s worn this before, too! At the Hollywood Reporter’s 2017 Women in Entertainment Breakfast (late last year). But for this Malibu marriage, she dressed the look down a bit by unbuttoning some of the top buttons and switching out her former shoe choice - from stilettos to peep-toe, lace up shoeties. And it worked, obvi.

Amy Schumer February 2018 Wedding in Malibu

Amy Schumer February 2018 Wedding in MalibuPhoto:

Although the affair was unplugged, according to a few places, we’re sure that more details and pics will emerge within the next week or so. And we can’t wait. She’s said that she’s not pregnant RN, and we believe her whole-heartedly, but we can’t say we wouldn’t be amped if she and Chris got on the baby train sooner than later….. 🤞🤞🤞

Welcome to newlywed-hood, you crazy kids!!!!!

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