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12 Art Deco Rings That Are Absolutely Gorgeous


With National Proposal Day less than three weeks away, we’ve been daydreaming about all the major rocks we’ll be seeing come the end of the month. And yes, we’ll be keeping our eyes open for all the rose gold beauties - this trend can never die - but we’ve also been crushing on a new (well, actually, old - a century old to be exact) trend that we’re sure will be picking up steam through the year. Art Deco engagement rings. STUNNING.

Some of the next-level engagement rings we flagged a few months ago had art deco dazzle too!

Taking inspiration from 1920’s fashion, this aesthetic embraces geometrics, straight lines, bold edges, and is every bit vintage and chic. The ones that are quintessentially AD usually start with a statement cut diamond, like an emerald, asscher or radiant, and are placed in a whimsical, antique setting. From sunburst patterns of dainty diamonds and baguettes to hexagonal and octogonal metal settings - dotted with tiny accent diamonds - and options that include colored stones to compliment the era’s sharp, linear fashions, these period sparklers are everything. And brands are honoring the classics with modern updates and tailored tweaks that make them soooo appealing to the modern bride to be.

It’s easy to get sucked into an art deco daze and not come up for air for a while. So, before you drown yourself in a sea of stepped down styles, take a look at some of these sites to streamline your search. Seriously, they have they the best vintage looks 👇

Brilliant Earth

Erica Weiner

James Allen


Rough Luxe

The One I Love

The Three Graces

Trumpet & Horn

Also, want to warn you, once you start to recognize the facets of an art deco ring, you’re going to be hunting for them everywhere. I especially love seeing a pic on Insta, and reading the caption afterwards, finding #artdeco in the verbiage feels like such a win hehe.

And don’t forget to check out this seriously glam Great Gatsby real wedding - they’re a couple of beautiful fools in the best way possible!

Plus, some fete-worthy manicures to go with those fancy rings…

Front page image courtesy of Victor Barbone Vintage Jewelry (photo shot by Sophie Kaye Photography) and above image courtesy of Rough Luxe Jewelry 

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