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18 Killer Manicures to Kiss 2017 Goodbye and Say Hello to 2018


Christmas was a blast, but we’ve polished off the last of the snowman cake pops (at least I have) and can’t possibly make it through another Hallmark happy holiday movie. So, it’s officially time to get excited for 2018. Two days left till New Year’s Eve, peeps, so make sure your outfit is picked out and festive AF, strategize your glam goals for the night, and book it to the nail salon to get your digits decked out.

Refresh yourself on some Christmas makeup ideas too, because some are JUST the right amount of extra for New Year’s Eve. For real.

If you’ve been dating your partner for what seems like forever, you neeeeevvvverrr know if he or she will take the turn of the new year to mean it’s time for a change in relationship status. And, as such, you’ll need to be prepped to ensure that perfect ‘we’re engaged!!!!!!’ selfie at the end of the night.

Some of our most-adored artists have started sharing some serious NYE inspo on Insta, and we’ve been double tapping like crazy. From two-tone metallic motifs to chic black and white looks, a start at #somethingblue, and glitter everything (much better reserved for this occasion over glitter cappuccinos), these designs are all 👌. We can’t say we know too much about perfecting these polish jobs at home, but we’re sure your nail girls will know where to start.

Pictures help, too - so swipe through for all our faves and a few nail geniuses that you need to follow right now. And keep these trends rolling off your tongue, for ice breakers with your besties, you know, when they’re dying over the fierceness on your fingers. 

    • Black+ (gilded with gold or silver)
    • Nude with metallics or cracked glass
    • Clear tips and NYE negative space
    • Crimson couture
    • Holographics, confetti and snow dusting for that festive factor
    • Something blue

And if you’re already engaged… you’ll def need to check out these amazing wedding day nail looks!

Above photo courtesy of @opi_products

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