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5 Things to Help You Deal With Post-Bachelorette Burnout

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Okay, so now that we’re all officially FOMO forever over all of Priyanka Chopra’s bachelorette-ing escapades in Amsterdam this weekend, we thought we’d talk about something everyyyy bride goes through once her own celebrations are ALL over: bachelorette burnout. Yes, it’s a thing, and yes it goes beyond basic ‘hungover as hell’ feels. ((But let’s be honest, that’s pretty much the worst)).

If you just bached like a boss, a la PC, you can probs relate to the following:

  • You’re so hungover that you might actually decide to nix day drinking at your wedding altogether… we said 'might.'

  • You’re so sad that your baller weekend is over. Kind of like vacation blues, only even worse, because this weekend away was all about you - and now you need to pass the bride of honor baton over to the next betch.

  • You’re starting to freak out, because the next thing up on your bridal to-do is to say I Do. It’s not cold feet, of course, it’s just “Omg, I’m getting married, this is really happening” hysteria.

Don’t think we can surmise all of ☝️ struggles from 👇 one pic. But the eye masks and pink flasks make at least one of the above blatantly obvious. All the other stuff is probs just going on inside, because according to all the pop culture news and recent string of events, it certainly seems like Priyanka and Nick are tying the knot soon. And no matter who you are - celebrity or not - every bride can admit to having pre-wedding anxiety. 

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Here’s what we think Priyanka should wear when the day comes, too!

Anyway, here are 5 things we think can really help out with post-bachelorette burnout, blues, whatever you want to call it. 

Sleep masks.

We love how matter of fact Priyanka and Sophie’s eye masks are - lime green and hungover - hard to miss. But everyone can pretty much understand that when you’re on your bachelorette weekend, it’s to be expected. That said, if you’ll be taking a flight back from your bachelorette or road tripping for hourrrrrs, being able to cover up those puffy eyes and take a glorious nap at some point will be the best thing ever. So, someone should take care of procuring those for the group, whether it’s the bride herself or one of her maids. We know where you can get super cute ones for the squad.

Hair of the dog.

All about the rally, right? Seriously, there IS some truth to it… So, if you’ve been poppin’ bottles for days or throwing back tons of tequila (check out @elizabethchambers’ story, you’ll see what we mean), make sure you have something ready to get you through the end of it. Priyanka and Sophie had their millennial pink ones (with gold initial charms), and they’re adorable. Your tribe needs a place to put theirs, too! These are customizable as well!

754420_small-personalized-flask-with-boho Inspiration:

Post-partying provisions.

Yes, we mean hangover kits - packed with pain relievers, antacids, ginger lozenges (if you’ve got a preggo party mom in the group, she probs has lots to share), makeup removers, depuffing pads, maybe even group gift cards to your favorite spa for post-bachelorette massages or facials. Over the counter stuff goes a long way. But so do amazing food spreads. From the looks of it, Priyanka’s posse had the most incredible fare to feast on in the Netherlands. Fancy toasts, avocado everything, all the good kinds of fats you want to hit up to reenergize and reset. Instead of sending someone out for bacon, egg, and cheeses on bagels, consider a healthier, more curated continental breakfast before the crew all heads home.


Your [J]sisters.

We already knew that Priyanka and her future sister-in-law, Sophie Turner (Joe’s fiancée), were pretty close. But if you peep all the pics from Pri’s Amsterdam adventure #pcsbachelorette, you can see just how tight the two are. Priyanka even used her bach abroad to debut a new hashtag #thejsisters (i.e. ‘the jonas sisters’). Literally adorable, we love them. In any case, being able to lean on your future in-laws and sisters IRL for support is pretty much everything. And considering that Sophie is a bride-to-be herself, she knows exactly what Priyanka is going through/stressed about, etc. SISTERS ARE LIFE.


Your bachelorette is over. It was epic. You’re sad. It’s all normal, every bride feels it. But let’s not let the pre-wedding #somethingblues diminish the fact that you’re getting married to the love of your life. Yes, your bachelorette was the last big pre-wedding event before YOUR big event, but that only means that you’re one day closer to becoming the new Mrs. Jonas (or whatever you new last name will be 😊). So, use that reality as a reminder that your life can only get better once you’re married, and if you need to vent to your S.O. about your blues, then so be it! He or she is your #1, so however you’re feeling, they’ll try their best to help.

And if even bae doesn't help you bounce back... then you might just have to continue living through your posts. She is 🙌🙌🙌.

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