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Free suit or tux for the wedding couple.

Free suit or tux for the wedding couple.

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Sleepy Cottage Is Making Sure Brides Get Their 8 Hours

Sleepy Cottage Luxe Sleep Mask

So, from the time a bride-to-be gets a ring on her finger, she basically lives in a surreal cycle of dreams coming true, followed by frightful nightmares. Can we actually afford this wedding? Can I truthfully deal with my in-laws for the long haul? Who can I sit next to each other at the wedding that won’t result in a catfight? It’s a scary thing to realize that everything you know about sleeping soundly is now lost and will be for the foreseeable future. That’s why we caught up with the sand-woman herself, The Sleepy Cottage’s own Sabrina Evans, to shed some light (errr, darkness?) on how brides can survive their engagement with little to no sleep. TSC sponsored this post, to let us know that shuteye is still possible… you just need the right sand / sparkles ✨✨✨to help you get there…

Guys definitely feel their fare share of stress when it comes to wedding planning, but they can deal with it, by hitting the pillow and hoping the worries just somehow work themselves out, while they’re snoozing. Sorry, are we stereotyping too much? Whoops! But in reality, brides usually carry the brunt of it all, and it takes a toll on their entire being. Especially when the sleep deprivation kicks in. What they once daydreamed about - that gorgeous piece of sparkling jewelry, those four words they waited forever to hear (will you marry me, just in case that wasn’t clear), and the f-word they’ve been dying to be called for just as long #fianceaf - is now eclipsed by vile visions of horribly-dressed bridesmaids, a Ross Says Rachel-level mixup at the altar, and some vendors casually just forgetting to show up for your nuptials. NBD.

So, if you CAN manage to steal away for just a few Z’s, they should be some of the best of your life. That’s where a luxury sleep mask from The Sleepy Cottage can be the difference between a nice nap and a dream-worthy doze. They have a full collection of wedding & bachelorette beauties that we’ve been lusting over, and they’re not only for brides (although the VIP’s version is just a little cuter, in white satin), they make amazing gifts for the girls, too!! Because they lack sleep too, it just might have a little more to do with the partying than the pressures… Unless you have a new mama in the group! 🙋🏻

Sleepy Cottage Luxe Sleep Mask Bride

For the bride, there’s a plethora of picks for the night you got engaged, the wedding night (because obvi you need to trade your signature bride shade for something darker and naughtier), and the morning after saying ‘I Do.’

Sleepy Cottage Luxe Sleep Mask Champagne Dreams

Sleepy Cottage Luxe Sleep Mask Gold and Black Vintage

For the tribe, they’ve got masks that can be personalized with embroidery and customized with your hashtag, ones that make mention to the only thing that’s ever been a bachelorette party prereq: morning mimosas, and even ones that pretty much call it like it is, when it comes to the drunken debauchery. They’re adorable and extra in the greatest way possible.

So whether you want to commemorate your own engagement with some of the most princess-like accoutrements to take your forty winks in, need to perk up your bachelorette party welcome bags or add another token of appreciation to their bridesmaid gift the night before your wedding, you’ll be slumbering and sending them off to sleepyland with some smiles 😍😍😍. And to help, The Sleepy Cottage sent a promo code our way. From now through September 30th, you can knock 15% off your entire purchase by entering WEDCHICK at checkout!

Be sure to follow The Sleepy Cottage on IG to see how stylish they're making it to snooze! 

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We partnered with The Sleepy Cottage to share some of the most adorbzZZZzzzZZ sleep masks in the game. As always, thank you for supporting our sponsors!