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10 Crazy Bachelorette Party Ideas


It seems brides-to-be are done with strippers, cocktail making and afternoon tea, and are embracing a whole host of intriguing and often crazy bachelorette party trends. Here, we take a look at ten of the best.

1. Axe Throwing

Crazy Bachelorette Party Ideas

Unleash your inner lumberjack (or should that be lumberjill?) by indulging in the distinctly Canadian activity of axe throwing. Having turned the traditional darts league on its head, the sport of axe throwing involves hurling an axe down an alley with the hope of hitting a bullseye. 2018 has seen a flurry of axe throwing venues opening their doors across North America and Europe, and it looks as though this exciting trend is here to stay.

As one of the original indoor axe throwing venues, Forged Axe Throwing in Whistler, British Columbia, announced that bachelorette party numbers have actually overtaken their male counterparts so far this year.

“We’ve even had brides bringing photos of their ex to pin to the target!” says James Anderson, owner of Forged.

2. Crazy Yoga (With Goats, Or Naked)

10 Crazy Bachelorette Party Ideas

When Lainey Morse first started relaxing with goats on her Oregon farm in 2016, she probably didn’t expect it to become a global yoga trend just two years later. While it may sound bizarre, goat yoga has become big business around the world. There’s something strangely relaxing and entertaining about a goat using you as a human climbing frame while you try maintaining downward dog. Oh, and goat hooves provide a great massage too.

Alternatively, get to grips with the bare essentials of yoga by getting your kit off, grabbing your mat and enjoying a naked yoga session. Empowering, liberating and strangely addictive, nude yoga continues to grow in popularity. A number of yoga studios now add naked yoga to their regular schedule, but you could always hire a venue and find an instructor to keep things among friends. Just remember to take your own mat.

3. Survive a Zombie Apocalypse

10 Crazy Bachelorette Party Ideas

Let’s face it, good girlfriends are always there when we need them most. But what if the world was taken over by ravenous zombies and you needed help to navigate a precarious obstacle course, solve clues and avoid being eaten? Put your friendship to a rather frightening test by heading for one of the many zombie survival experiences, working together to beat ghastly tribes and save the world. Zombie Apocalypse Live tours the United States’ most haunted locations and it’s a surprisingly affordable party idea.

4. Enjoy a Drag Show Brunch

10 Crazy Bachelorette Party Ideas

For something camp, sparkly and outrageously fabulous, get the girls together and head to New York, Las Vegas, Los Angeles, Miami, Orlando or Fire Island, for the ultimate Drag Brunch! These world-renowned performances feature top female impersonators as well as special guests from the hit television series RuPaul’s Drag Race. Alternatively, create your own drag brunch closer to home with a few willing volunteers willing to dress up - perhaps members of the bachelor party?!

5. Relax at a Beer Spa

10 Crazy Bachelorette Party Ideas

According to Czechs, taking a bath in beer is not only immensely pleasurable, but also comes with a whole host of benefits for the mind and body. It’s not surprising then that this beer bath trend has gone global, with spas across the world now listing a soak in a tub of amber nectar as a ‘treatment’. Oregon’s Hop In The Spa was America’s first beer spa, and you and your girls can choose from a wide selection of MicroBrew Soaks using specialized Hop Hydrotherapy. 

6. Llama Trekking

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Move over horses, there are llamas in town! Native to central and southern America, taking in the sights from the back of a llama is an unforgettable way to spend your bachelorette getaway. Choose from short treks or overnight adventures, and explore some of North America’s most breathtaking locations including the Yellowstone National Park, Smoky Mountains, or the Southern Rockies. Some trekking centers even allow you to indulge in a little llama husbandry so take your wellies and get stuck in!

7. Become Cowgirls in Montana

10 Crazy Bachelorette Party Ideas

Discover your wild side in the heart of Montana by taking your girls to Cowgirl Camp. They say something about the Montana air tends to bring out the best in everyone and who are we to disagree? Breathe in the open air of Big Sky Country and ride horses through terrain that has remained unchanged from pioneer days. Cowgirl Camp is Montana glamping at its finest, and a number of week-long itineraries are available between June and September each year. The total cost includes lodgings and horse hire.

8. Go Dog Sledding

10 Crazy Bachelorette Party Ideas

Canada’s snowy winters provide the ideal opportunity to enjoy an exciting dog sledding adventure. There’s no greater thrill than hurtling across the snow with a team of adorable huskies as you and your girls take in the winter wonderland around you. There are a number of dog sledding centers across Canada and most provide a minimum 2-hour trip. Why not make a weekend of it and hit the slopes of Whistler and Blackcomb or a Christmas market in Quebec?

9. Escape Rooms & Runaway Trains!

10 Crazy Bachelorette Party Ideas

West Virginia has become something of an escape room capital, largely thanks to its six escape-style attractions. Whether you’re trying to deactivate a bomb while trapped in a bunker or trying to regain control of a runaway train before it runs out of track, there’s a whole range of creative and testing situations for you and your girls to take on. Check out the range of indoor and outdoor escape experiences.

10. Extreme Sports

10 Crazy Bachelorette Party Ideas

Skydiving or bungee jumping certainly takes ‘head over heels’ to a whole new level, and an adventure weekend of extreme sports is an increasingly popular way to enjoy a memorable bachelorette celebration. Head for Whistler, British Columbia, where you’ll find an abundance of adrenaline-fueled activities and adventure sure to live long in the memory! You could even experience bobsledding at the Whistler Sliding Centre - a venue for the 2010 Winter Olympics. Hit the slopes and enjoy some premier skiing, or try one of the most breathtaking ziplines in this part of the world. After all that excitement, round off your trip with a visit to Vancouver.

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