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10 Songs to add to your Bachelorette Party Playlist

Every bachelorette party needs a soundtrack. Cue up your Spotify or iTunes and get ready to dance. Some of you'll pack your heels, sparkly dresses and loads of booze for room in-drinking and do some things that will for sure stay in Vegas.  Others will take the 405 to blah blah blah to the 10 to get to the desert for some preppy poolside partying. A few lucky ladies will get to go full destination for their bach bash. Whatever your bachelorette haven, you def need your own soundtrack! Bonus, if you already subscribe to Spotify or iTunes , this won't cost you an extra penny. We think these 10 songs NEED to be on your bachelorette party playlist. So get to listening ... we've made it super easy to test drive these tunes by linking them all to YouTube. We got you.

Catch Some Pre-Wedding Rays at This Bachelorette Bash in Cabo with photos by Daniela Fernandez.