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Dress Up Your Wedding Invites

lace wrapped wedding invite

Wait until you see our next wedding! The entire event is filled with ideas that will make your wedding pop. Before guests even arrived they received these stylish kraft wedding invites from Announce This! Each one was wrapped in vintage lace, that was all sewed with love by the bride. Read on for exact instructions on how to dress up your wedding invites, and be sure to stay tuned to check out the wedding, along with another diy handmade by the bride.

1. scissors
2. pins
3. vintage lace ribbon or trim (we found some at Etsy from )
4. needle and thread

supplies to dress up your envelopes

1. Assemble invitation pieces
2. Wrap lace around invitation with 1 inch overlap then trim to size
3. Pin lace in place on overlapping section
4. With the needle and thread finish with a straight stitch and knot to secure lace

lace wrapped wedding invites

5. Place invitation in the envelope and send it on its way to your loved ones. Before sending this invitation I will suggest visiting your local post office to have them weigh your invitation with the lace addition. That way you can be certain to have the proper postage.

sew the loop

kraft wedding invites

vintage inspired wedding invite

Photographer: Katrina Louise Photography


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    Dress Up Your Wedding Invites

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    RT @weddingchicks: Step-by-step, we have all the details on a DIY lace invitation wrap!!! @katievowels

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    looks great! Where can those envelops be found and about how much lace do we need in yards?


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    Dress Up Your #Wedding Invites

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    Dress Up Your #Wedding Invites

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    Dress Up Your Wedding Invites via @WeddingChicks

  7. -100. @VeilTV says:

    Dress Up Your #Wedding Invites

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    I love these invitations! The lace is such a good idea. I’ve looked at invitations at and I think your lace idea will match nicely with them. Thanks for the clear instructions!