How To Make Your Table Numbers Shine

gilded table numbers diy

We have seen lots of creative table numbers over the years, and people never cease to surprise us with new and creative ways to highlight these novel numerals; but how do you have fun table numbers without spending too much? Easy, you make them yourself! You might have spotted these adorable gilded table numbers in our Handmade Details To Make Your Wedding Pop post. Lucky for you, the bride sent us all the steps on just how she made her eye popping table numbers. Sweet!

From the Bride:
Handcrafting is a passion of mine so for our wedding I prepared as many pieces as time would allow with the table numbers at the top of my list. This set of painted and gold leaf table numbers can be recreated in any color, finish, or font for any style of event.

materials needed for diy table numbers

Table Number Materials:
wood plank
sand paper
paint roller
black chalkboard paint

Table Number Steps:
1. Cut wood to desired size
2. Sand wood edges and all surfaces so paint will roll on evenly
3. Paint wood with chalkboard paint using a paint roller and let dry for 2-3 hours

chalkboard paint

sand and paint wood blocks

Transfer Number Materials:
ball point pen
transfer paper
printed text (any font)
cream and white acrylic paint
fine tip paint brush

Transfer Number Steps:
1. Once dry, transfer the number onto the wood by laying transfer paper on top of wood surface and tracing desired number on top of paper
2. Outline the number with the ball point pen and is ready to be painted
3. Use the fine tip paint brush to apply the acrylic paint
4. Let dry for 1 hour

transfer table number

fill in number with white paint

Gold Leaf Materials:
gold leaf sheets
gold leaf clear adhesive and brush
wax paper
rough paint brush

Gold Leaf Steps:
1. Apply the clear gold leaf adhesive to the desired edge and let dry for 20 – 30 minutes
2. While the adhesive is still tacky apply the gold leaf
3. Fill in gold leaf where needed with the small paint brush and extra adhesive
4. Use the rough paint brush to remove the excess gold leaf by tapping gently (allow 1 hour for adhesive to dry)

apply gold leaf

remove excess leaf

The final step is to set your fabulous table numbers out and watch as your guests go wild! Oh and don’t forget to have a blast!

place numbers on tables and have a blast

Photographer: Katrina Louise Photography

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Handmade Details To Make Your Wedding Pop

katrina louise photography

Torrey & Melissa’s wedding was beautiful, fresh, relaxed, and had that handmade aesthetic that made the day overflow with love. Dahlias, found objects, a blue ombre color palette, texture, and layers were the decor of choice. Leo Carrillo Ranch was the perfect venue choice for their big day. Together everything created a fresh cohesive event.

Are you in love with those darling lace wrapped wedding invites? We totally are! You can learn just how Melissa made them here, how great is that?! Plus, you can see even more fabulous details in the full gallery here, stunningly captured by Katrina Louise Photography. Also scroll down to check out their complete budget breakdown, which is always so helpful!

kraft wedding invite

loose curls wedding hair idea

loose pastel pinks wedding bouquet

blue bridesmaids dresses

mix and match bridesmaids dresses and bouquets

navy blue bridesmaid dress

grey vest groomsmen looks

From the Bride:
Inspiration for our special day began with the proposal. I have an obsession with quarter machines – those you find at grocery stores that dispense silly little toys. This fun fascination inspired Torrey’s proposal. He arranged a special birthday dinner at 333 Pacific in Oceanside, CA when we arrived the hostess let us know our table wasn’t ready. We decided to kill time with walk down the pier. Once we got to the end for a perfect sunset photo op I see the quarter machine and go straight for it. I took inventory of the prizes and I had to have a brassy jeweled ring.

paper flower decor

diy paper flower decor

outdoor wedding ceremony

peacock at wedding

Of course, I didn’t have a quarter so Torrey did – I was still clueless. After opening the capsule I discovered the ring didn’t match the samples behind the glass. To my utter surprise it was a sparkling emerald cut aquamarine engagement ring (our birth stone)! He took the ring, got down on one knee and popped the question…swoon. We floated back to the restaurant for our romantic birthday dinner – yes we share the same birthday. Needless to say I was taken by the preparation and exceptionally thoughtful proposal. That evening over dinner we decided we had to have the quarter machine dispense our wedding favors on our big day.

seating chart ideas

vintage wedding ideas

Raise your hand if you love these simple and eye popping table numbers! Aren’t they perfect? Well guess what, you get a ‘two-for-one’ deal today! Check out how Melissa made these gorgeous gilded table numbers here. They are so easy you’ll fall in love with them all over again!

learn to make these table numbers

pretty wedding flowers

single flowers in vinatge vases for decor ideas

When you glance through the amazing photography by Katie Vowels they not only captured our personality but you will also see metallic centerpieces a few were family heirlooms handed down to me years ago. These vessels were combined with vintage strips of cream, beige, white, and peach lace found locally. I wanted ensure the line-work of the lace popped on the table so we opted for dark charcoal table linens rented from Allie’s Party Rental. Other objects layered on each table were my handcrafted table numbers made from repurposed wood, gold leaf, chalk paint, and acrylic numbering. Lace & Likes provided their signature variety of patterned plates. The final touch was the most beautiful florals done by the ladies of Bloem Hill.

vending machine to dispense wedding favors

vending machine wedding favors

wedding lighting

Coordinator: Lace and Likes

Photography: Katrina Louise Photography
Venue: Leo Carrillo Ranch
Stationery: Announce This!
Flowers: Bloem Hill
Cake: Vg Donut & Bakery
Caterer: Bull Taco
Dress shop: Pre-Owned Wedding Dresses
Shoe designer: L.A.M.B.
Groom’s attire: Hart Schaffner Marx
Prop & Furniture Rentals: Allie's Party & Heavenly Amusement
Dj: GarDouble Productions
Jewelry: Enhancery
Officiant: Ceremonies by Bruce
Bartending: Rg Bar
Event Design: 
Madmade Designs
Hair: Tallie Choudhry | Make Up: Jenny Nguyen | Dress designer: Priscilla of Boston Jewel

Read on to see how much this fresh California DIY wedding cost. Please note that costs change as the years go by, and prices are subject to change. This is just one couple’s breakdown to give you a rough estimate on how much a wedding like this may cost you.

Venue & Coordinator - $4,900
Food & Drinks - $4,500
Flowers - $3,300
Photographer - $2,700
Rentals - $2,000
Dress - $1,100
Rings - $1,000
Grooms Outfit - $800
Music - $800
Officiant - $500
Invites - $700
Cake & Donuts - $500
Decor - $500 (found vessels, paper supplies, candles, paint, votives, and photo booth supplies)
Favors - $200
Total - $23,500

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Dress Up Your Wedding Invites

lace wrapped wedding invite

Wait until you see our next wedding! The entire event is filled with ideas that will make your wedding pop. Before guests even arrived they received these stylish kraft wedding invites from Announce This! Each one was wrapped in vintage lace, that was all sewed with love by the bride. Read on for exact instructions on how to dress up your wedding invites, and be sure to stay tuned to check out the wedding, along with another diy handmade by the bride.

1. scissors
2. pins
3. vintage lace ribbon or trim (we found some at Etsy from )
4. needle and thread

supplies to dress up your envelopes

1. Assemble invitation pieces
2. Wrap lace around invitation with 1 inch overlap then trim to size
3. Pin lace in place on overlapping section
4. With the needle and thread finish with a straight stitch and knot to secure lace

lace wrapped wedding invites

5. Place invitation in the envelope and send it on its way to your loved ones. Before sending this invitation I will suggest visiting your local post office to have them weigh your invitation with the lace addition. That way you can be certain to have the proper postage.

sew the loop

kraft wedding invites

vintage inspired wedding invite

Photographer: Katrina Louise Photography

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