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Finders Keepers


Southern California’s unique wedding rentals! Finders Keepers specializes in farm tables and chairs along with many other fabulous pieces to make your day gorgeous and a special. View all of their available pieces here and don’t forget to take a peek at their Wedding Chicks vendor page. Photographed by Closer To Love.

Boakview Photography


Boakview Photography believes that every couple and family is different and they understand the importance of creating a bond, even if for a short period of time. They are a creative, life-loving team that just happens to be both a married couple and the best of friends. They aren’t afraid to try new things and always have fun along the way. View all of their dreamy work here and don’t forget to take a peek at their Wedding Chicks vendor page.

Francis Flowers


Franci’s Flowers is a bespoke wedding design studio based in Florence Tuscany specializing in customized weddings and events parties. You’ll love all their beautiful wedding creations! View all of their exquisite work here and don’t forget to take a peek at their Wedding Chicks vendor page.

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Warm And Tender Arizona Wedding

rachel solomon photography

Stefanie and Michael’s vintage garden wedding at Arizona Historical Society was just one jaw-dropping detail after another. From the florals, to her dress and makeup, to the decor… it was like a wonderland of awesomeness around every corner!

The day was flawlessly executed by Simply Beautiful Wedding and Event Planning and every part of the day flowed together seamlessly into one stunning affair. Don’t skimp on any of the darling details of this warm and tender Arizona wedding! View the full gallery here, brilliantly captured by Rachel Solomon Photography. Keep scrolling to read one of the sweetest proposals in existence!

fun fonts wedding stationery

classic elegance bridal look

succulents and floral bouquet

cute couple with succulent boutonniere

words from the bride

Stefanie describes when she first knew Michael was the one: “It felt like summer, we were laying in bed in the middle of the night listening to this funky indie music and I think it was raining outside and we just looked into each others eyes at the same time and without saying anything we kinda just knew.” Stefanie & Michael had a proposal you only see in the movies… but I can’t talk about that without first talking about how they first met. They had mutual friends, and were both at a little get together at Michael’s house, when as Michael describes, “I thought she had a really good sense of humor, she was really funny and was wearing a hat. I remembered one of my favorite movies, Wedding Crashers, when Owen Wilson says, ‘Don’t go for girls with hats, girls with hats are prim and proper.’” People who meet and think of movie quotes get me every time!!!

wooden welcome wedding sign

get married at your family church

church wedding ceremony

kiss the bride

their proposal story

And now for their movie-perfect proposal, cue music…
We took a month long backpacking vacation to Europe in the summer of 2012. After hitting up New York and London we traveled to Rome and were in a romantic daze. One of my favorite, FAVORITE movies is “Roman Holiday” with Audrey Hepburn. After setting foot in Rome we felt just like the mid-century duo and even got the vacation courage to rent a Vespa and tour the city on motorbike.

coral and mint bridesmaid dresses

yellow flowers and succulent bouquet

wedding party tunnel

flower girl with just married banner

Seeing all of Rome or “Roma” became as easy as pointing to a place on the map, holding on tight and whipping around the cobblestoned city. After a delicious lunch of the best pizza ever (seriously WHY is their pizza so good?!) we realized we were a short stroll away from The Spanish Steps. For once we parked the bike in a non-sketchy alley and navigated with all the other tourists to see what the dealio with these steps were. Once we got there, along with the other hundreds of tourists there were naturally a bunch of street hustlers, one group in particular was handing out/selling roses. (Side note: I’ve always told Michael to NEVER buy me roses unless he was going to propose… yeah, yeah, yeah they’re gorgeous but super overpriced right?)

arizona venue

clothespinned escort card display

gifts and cards over here please suitcase

love mugs filled with florals

thank you fans

Maybe it was the romantic daze of Rome, maybe it was the glass of wine with lunch, but when the street hustler handed me 3 red roses I took them as if he was giving me a gift from the city itself. Of course he wasn’t and he then tried to get as much money as he could from us, but enough of that story. After dealing with him, Michael says, “You told me to only buy you roses unless I was proposing!” And then proceeded to act like he was going to grab the camera from our day bag and it was a double take as he got down on his knee and asked, “Stefanie Kristina Gastelum will you marry me?” Suuuuper romantic and love-gushy. I immediately started crying AND asking if he was serious and right there where “Italy meets Spain” we became a little tourist attraction with hundreds surrounding us and taking photos. So that’s that. Our own little version of “Roman Holiday,” but with a better ending, all thanks to a street hustler.” Seriously guys, does it get better than that?!

simple place settings

dark wood block table numbers

glass bottle flower vase centerpieces

floral centerpiece in bell jar

teacup succulent favors

Although everything went perfectly for our wedding, I do wish we secured a more stylish means of transportation. The initial idea was to rent Vespas or a vintage Porsche to travel from the church to the venue, but time ran out and it kinda fell through. I’m sure I owe our photographer some quarters for filling up a parking meter during our first looks, but it was all part of the fun for sure. Luckily Uber came through and we were able to caravan the wedding party that way which was super quick and easy.

vintage sweetheart table

m and s book letters

teapot and bottle floral holders

his arrow chair sign

Being a DIY bride and planning is the best-slash-worst time ever. You will cry, (as much I didn’t want to be “that kinda bride” I totally cried, twice). There will 100 percent be a wildcard thrown at you the week of the wedding. Someone will ignorantly use the term “Bride-zilla” (yeesh can that term just go away?). And yes, it seriously flies by in a whirlwind. I definitely had the morning jitters which was really unexpected. Luckily I had my MOH and hairstylist cure them with giggles, fruit and some great tunes (Rilo Kiley karaoke anyone?). Never forget that it’s your day and try your best to drown out the peanut gallery. Stick to your guns and take someone to fist-city (not really, well . . . maybe) because it’s your day and you should take time to enjoy this amazing event you’ve planned.

cocktails menu

cocktail bar garnishes

true love gold balloons

gorgeous white wedding cake with pink floral decor

Coordinator & Flowers: Simply Beautiful Wedding & Event Planning
Cake: Honey Moon Sweets
Caterer: Avanti
Makeup: Mint Hair Studio
Dress Shop: Lillian Lottie Couture
Dress Designer: Casablanca
Bridesmaid Dresses: Weddington Way
Groom’s Attire: Men's Wearhouse
Dj: Custom Fit Dj

Read on to see how much this warm and tender Arizona wedding cost. Please note that costs change as the years go by, and prices are subject to change. This is just one couple’s breakdown to give you a rough estimate on how much a wedding like this may cost you.


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Colors: green, pink, white
Styles: garden, vintage

Pros And Cons Of An Evening Wedding

rustic wedding couple

Kimberly and Philips’s wedding day was a lesson on going with the flow and being flexible. Due to unavoidable circumstances their big day started a few hours later then anticipated. How would you feel if this happened on your wedding day? Not sure how we would react, but from seeing Kimberly and Philips’s spectacular day we would have no problem with it.

Keep reading to hear advice from Kimberly on the pros and cons of an evening wedding! Bonus- read on to get heir full budget breakdown. Do not to see all the details up close in the full gallery created by Ooh! Events and beautifully captured by Brandon Lata in the full gallery here.

monochromatic white bouquet

blue bridesmaids and cute red headed flower girl

From the Bride

Don’t freak out! No matter how well you plan every detail, you can’t plan for everything. We had to deal with rain and a traffic accident that kept guests and some key wedding players from getting to our venue on time (it didn’t involve any guests!). We were running an hour behind waiting due to the traffic getting to our already small affair.

Our wedding planner and coordinator were godsends. They made all the right adjustments needed and and worked with our vendors quickly. After taking some deep breaths, we just rolled with it. We still had to get married without some of our family being there for the ceremony (including 2 flower girls) but luckily, we were able to keep it all in perspective. Just remember that no matter what happens, it all works out as long as you stay flexible! 

trolley transportation

barn ceremony venue

dapper groom and his men

bride and groom

I thought I was taking the hassle out of shopping for a wedding dress by buying my gown online. Although it was everything I wanted, I neglected to consider proper undergarments until the last-minute. Finding something that would work with the thin layers and cut of my dress was no picnic – and I still wish I had taken more care and time to find just the right fit. If you aren’t going to a bridal salon for your fittings – you may benefit from seeking some professional assistance!

seating chart mirror

cake scented candle wedding favor

gold pink and purple centerpieces

farm table with elegant table settings

We tried to include family as much as possible by having large, long tables for family as well as the wedding party. We also made a lot of our own photo booth props. In addition, we hand-poured soy candles and painted the jars to serve as wedding favors/place cards. We scented them to match our sea salt caramel wedding cake. They looked great with the décor and theme – and now, making candles for others has become our business! Everyone can Take the Cake! 

hanging initials and salted caramel cupcakes

chandeliere lit cake table

elegant white wedding cake

cutting the cake

Pros & Cons of an Evening Wedding

Do you love the romance of a candle lit wedding ceremony but worry that some of your guest might not be so keen on the idea of an evening wedding? Well here are some of the pros and cons of evening weddings to hopefully help you decide.

The romantic factor of a ceremony under the stars cannot be beat.
There is plenty of time to get ready for the I dos
Less of a need for a large wedding dinner, a light buffet would suit the occasion nicely.
It automatically feels like a formal event once the sun sets.
Less to spend on shade canopies.

A late start could make for a late end to the night, and cleaning up after would make it later.
Your reception might be even shorter due to the time and guests departing before you’d like.
Evening shots are tough for photographers to capture.
Evening events are popular and therefore could be more expensive.

evening barn wedding

saying i do

sparkler ceremony exit

Event designer & Coordinator: Ooh! Events

Photography: Brandon Lata
Venue: Boone Hall
Flowers: Out of the Garden
Cake: Wild Flour Pastry
Caterer: Cru Catering
Dress designer: BHLDN
Prop/furniture rentals: Ooh! Events
Officiant: Wedding Bell Rev
dishware: Polished!
specialty linens: Nuage Linens

Read on to see how much this rustic evening wedding cost. Please note that costs change as the years go by, and prices are subject to change. This is just one couple’s breakdown to give you a rough estimate on how much a wedding like this may cost you.


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