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DIY Tassel For Giant Balloon

how to make a giant balloon tassel

Balloons in general are fabulous and bring happiness to all who lay eyes on them! Adding them to your wedding decor can not only bring a lot of happiness to all who lay eyes on them, but they can also be a true statement decor piece at your wedding, especially if you go with the Giant variety.

To show you how to embellish the pretty tails of these giant balloons, we have Boston wedding vendors – Cambria Grace Photography and Pollen Floral Design with an incredibly easy diy tassel for your giant balloon.

supplies needed

Supplies Needed:

36″ white balloon
4 colors of crepe paper
Scotch tape
Fringe scissors

crepe paper

giant balloon

Step 1: Cut a strip of each color of crepe paper approximately the same length. Tape one of the ends together.
Step 2: Using your fringe scissors, cut 3/4′s of the way through along the entire length of the crepe paper.

crepe paper

Step 3: Attach the taped end to the balloon using a couple pieces of scotch tape.
Step 4: Let it fly!

giant balloon

giant balloon

What the heck should you do with a giant balloon. Well here our Top 5 favorite ways to use a giant balloon at your wedding. If you do not have time to DIY a tassel because you are running around planning your wedding, Geronimo is your go to place for fabulous balloons and tassels.

giant balloon photo

1. Use giant balloons as props in your couple portraits-
Jazz up your wedding photographs with a giant balloon prop, like the one here from Christine Farah over at Style Me Pretty.

bridal portrait with giant balloon

2. Take your bridal portraits with giant balloons
Add a bit of whimsy and delight to your bridal portraits with giant balloons. Like the one above captured by Emily Weis via Southern Weddings Magazine.

giant balloon used for reception decor

3. Dress up an important table at your wedding reception
Use giant balloons to designate the head table at your wedding. Everyone will know how to find you and wish you well. via White Lilac Inc.

giant balloon used as engagement photo

4. Use giant balloons in your engagement photos
A portrait like the one above via Down In The Dots

5. Dress up your dessert table with giant balloons
Guests need to know where they can get a sugar fix. Lead them to your fancy dessert table with giant balloons. Like the table above captured by Flory Photo and designed by Lovely Little Details. From Style Me Pretty.

giant dessert table with balloons


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  1. 0. @designcorral says:

    DIY Tassel For Giant Balloon

  2. I adore jumbo balloons and streamers attached! They scream celebration!
    Thanks for in inspiration:)

  3. Thanks so much for the feature, wedding chicks. You ladies are the best!!!

  4. 0. Jenna says:

    I love these giant balloons! They are really perfect for an engagement session, a kid’s birthday party or any girly event. I will be taking some of these tips and putting them into practice in my next stylized shoot for sure!

  5. 0. @EpicFilmmakers says:

    “@weddingchicks: Our TOP 5 ways to use giant balloons at your wedding + a DIY. Yippy!” we love this #trend

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    I’m using 4 1st look surprise @weddingchicks: Our TOP 5 ways to use giant balloons at your wedding + a DIY. Yippy!

  7. 0. @VaGirlBlog says:

    RT @weddingchicks: Our TOP 5 ways to use giant balloons at your wedding + a DIY. Yippy!

  8. This is both brilliant & beautiful! Will definitely be putting this in my back pocket for future parties! Thank you!!

  9. 0. Rachel says:

    This is such a cute idea! I have done something similar and incorporated some tissue paper.


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